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Testimonial JulieLove our Sunzie and Poncho! Perfect for the brutal Aussie sun!!

~ Julie, Australia
What a creative way to use a My First Skinz shirt! We love sun-safe dogs!
Testimonial TimOn a recent trip to Jamaica, our little one used UV Skinz clothing every day. The sun protection was excellent for the Sun & Swim Suit and matching hat. And all of the clothes are extremely durable.... All the clothing made it back to the states in good condition, and we are now discovering that we brought some sand home in the pockets!! Congrats on a fantastic product!!

~ Tim, Chicago
I never review products, but I just wanted to tell you how much I love the full-zip, long sleeve Cheryl! I began using it this past year to protect my skin when swimming with my children (I'm a stage 1b Melanoma patient) and this year have started wearing it during tennis matches as well. I am amazed that I can stay cool in long sleeves while playing in the NC heat and it is so nice to not have to worry about my sunscreen sweating off mid-match. And, perhaps the best part of all is that it does not retain odor! I can play a three set match in the morning and then wear it to the pool in the afternoon. I'm planning on ordering a blue one as well in the coming days.

Thank you for all that you do!

~ Anne B., Charlotte, NC
LaurenI recently ordered hats for my daughters and husband from your site, and with my order came a free shirt for my son. I just wanted to say thanks - it fits him beautifully and I loved the security of knowing his very fair skin was protected while he enjoyed himself at the water park.

~ Lauren
JamiI just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you. We received our UVSkinz package in the mail today and my little guy couldn't wait to put on his new swim suit. The quality and fit is superb. We can't wait to try it out on our spring break trip to Arizona!

I've attached a picture of my son. As you can tell he loves his new UVSkinz!

Thank you again!

~ Jami
Just wanted to share that I spent 8 days in the French West Indies, used both the 3/4 sleeve UV Skinz shirt and the full sleeve UV Skinz shirt, out hiking, walking, touring, snorkeling and swimming, and no sunburns at all!

Great product, thanks!

~ Rebecca
Reading We've been using your shirts for a two years now, and I had to tell you about my weekend. We were planning a 4-hour river float in New Braunfels, Texas. We met a group of friends, and while everyone else was putting sunscreen on, I just pulled on my long-sleeve UVSkinz. A very fair-skinned red-head (in a bikini) saw my shirt and told her husband "See? I told you I wouldn't look like a geek if I wore mine!"

I was the only one who didn't have to keep adding sunscreen the whole day.

I just ordered a new shirt to replace my original one, and I will continue to use your gear for myself and my family, and tell anyone who will listen about your company. Y'all are fabulous!!

Huge fans and die-hard supporters,

~ The Reading Family
Dalton & Chloe Surfside Beach, Texas! a favorite destination of our family. Pics are of our 2 kids Dalton (almost 3) and Chloe (18 months). We love, love, love UV Skinz!

~ Anna-Leigh Copeland
Kathy I love your UV Skinz rash guards for kids! The colors are so bright, the shirts fit well and last through all of our water adventures. Here is a picture of my little one swimming underwater with her UV Skinz shirt on :)

Take care,

~ Kathy
Kelly K. My son and I on Waikiki Beach, HI. Your UV Skinz were awesome protection from the sun!

Kelly K. (and son, Jake)
Wassermans We love our UV Skinz! Thank you for such a great product. Other rash guards/sun protection shirts do not compare. I definitely spread the word about your product and know that other friends have been sold on it. I just had my first diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma at age 40. When I was younger I didn't protect my skin like I do now. I am trying to teach my kids the importance of this and I want to spread this message to as many people as I can.

Heidi Wasserman
Minneapolis, MN
I love the 'skinz! I tried mine out this weekend kayaking and loved it. Nice to have something different to wear out on the river as well.

~ Lori Young
Jeannette I had a wonderful time at Lanikai Beach. You see the twin Mokulua Islands in the distance. I LOVE this beach. It's like an endless swimming pool. I also love my UV-skinz jacket. Wear it all the time. Thank you for the wonderful products!

Matthew I just wanted you to know how much we love your products. My son Matthew has had his sharky suit for three summers. It still fits and looks great. It was a lifesaver at the beach not only because of sun protection but because his thighs did not get chapped from it. The other swimsuits left him raw.

Terri Gunter

The Next Big Zing Video Testimonial

Aidyn We had a long sleeve UV Skinz for my son, Aidyn, last year. I can't say enough good things about your company. The protection it gave my son made us feel more at ease!

~ Katrina

Peyton and Emma This is Samantha, 16 months old, playing on the beach in her new swim clothes! They kept her fair redheaded baby skin protected so well - she'll be living in them all summer, I know.

~ Karen

Peyton and Emma

I just returned from a week at OC and BOY was UV Skinz handy. My Peyton got BURNT day one because I didn’t use the sunscreen I normally have used on her every single beach trip since her birth. She was pulling her normal 3 year old tantrum, refusing to wear UVskinz on her first day. She wanted to wear her bathing "soup."

Needless to say: we wore UV skinz for the rest of the week AFTER HER BACK BURNT. Emma also wore it as well when she broke out in some type of rash on her torso. I didn't want to put sunscreen on her so I made her wear the UVskinz...

Both girls never burned again... I'm sold on your product and we'll have them every summer from here forward.

Thanks again!

~ D

Jenny and Ava

My two kids live in their Skinz! From nap time to outdoor play time, these stylish garments were made to endure the rigorous elements of childhood! I highly recommend UV Skinz to protect your loved ones - and yourself - from sun damage. Not only are UV Skinz soft and comfy for my baby and toddler's delicate skin, these products are highly durable and easy to clean. Not to mention the reasonable prices!

Not only have I been exceedingly pleased with their products, I've also been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism from UV Skinz founder, Rhonda Sparks. Rhonda's passion to protect as many children as possible is clear in her generous spirit and business ventures. This is a mompreneur on a mission to change the way we think about dressing for the sun and honoring our precious skin.

Jenny Schafer
Senior Editor
Celebrity Baby Scoop


December, 2008

Hello UV Skinz! We were a big hit - even with Santa and Mrs. Claus! It was a nasty, rain and snow mix outside that day, so we set up right in front of the doors and cheered everyone up! In the pictures you can see our display, including your products, as well as a skin analyzer from The American Cancer Society. We had a great time, and all of our visitors were very interactive with us. I feel we truly reached out and educated people that day. People were having us assist them to learn how to check their skin and how often. They were especially interested in your clothing products. I made several copies out of the catalog for interested visitors. Since we last corresponded, I found out another interesting fact - if you've ever had melanoma, you are not eligible to be an organ donor (something that is near and dear to my heart). I mentioned that fact and got even more people involved in learning the preventative measures. We want to thank you for being so supportive of us in our endeavor to hopefully prevent future skin cancer sufferers. Your story touched us all, and it made this project even more personal for each of us.

Thank you again,
Crissy Callicoat, SN
St. Mary's School of Nursing


Thank you for making such a great product. My daughter had a blast during her surf lessons and I was thrilled to know she was protected from the sun. I also really liked that she could wear your bottoms with her swim shirt and didn’t need another bathing suit underneath. She won’t wear anything else now! Can’t wait to see what your new styles will look like next year!

~ Gerri R.


I have 4 redheads who live in UV Skinz in the summer. They love the shirts, and I love the protection without a fuss to put sunscreen on. These are my girls during our Kauai trip this summer. I can’t even tell you how many people stopped us to comment on how cute they all looked in their matching UV Skinz. What a great product, and so many styles to choose from!

Kelly J, Sonora, CA


These are great, we have two of them. We picked them up in Hawaii two years ago and they are still going strong. They are comfy for the kids, and we don¹t have to worry about constantly slathering or spraying them with sunscreen. You have a great product!

~ Sharon


The Queen of Maya Palace (Literally the name of the place for which we stayed) would love to comment on her apparel. You can quote her on this: "Goo, goo, gaa, gaa, waaaa, waaaa, goo, gaaa, waaa". Translated that means: "The quality of the material was top notch. It fit perfectly. She received many comments regarding how 'cool' the outfit was. It dried quickly after a short play in the ocean. The colors were vibrant and alive."

Carpe Diem,
Randy Z.


I have been buying swim shirts for my kids for the past 5 years. I have purchased from many different companies including Target, Old Navy, Lands End, LL Bean, and local surf shops. The UV Skinz shirts blow away the competition. The sleeves are a little longer than most, for extra sun protection, and the fit is just right, not as tight as rash guard t’s but not so loose as to inhibit swimming. My son loves his UV Skinz shirt and wears it as often as he can, even if we are not going to the pool. In fact, tonight he is even sleeping in his shirt.

~ Toni


My girls wore their shirts the day after we received them in the mail and declared them “very comfortable”(see attached picture), so I’m ordering more! I also want to let you know how impressed I am by your products, your web-site, your customer service, and your efforts at promoting sun safety. As a pediatrician, I discuss sun-safety with all of my patients and I continue to be amazed at how many people only think they need protection “at the beach”. I also spend a lot of time discussing the necessary “chore” of using sunscreen correctly. As part of this discussion, I have started encouraging the use of sun protective clothing, such as swim shirts. I would love to have some of your brochures to hand out to my patients if you can spare them. I would refer them to your website knowing that they would be purchasing a wonderful product for a reasonable price.

~ Dr. W. Sayers, Holliston, MA


I love this swimshirt! Here is a picture of my daughter, Elle, on a recent vacation to Mexico in her UV Skinz. She wore the swimshirt the entire trip & it was so nice to not have to worry that she was getting sunburned!

Thank you -

~ Stacy, Lewisville, TX


We practically live at the lake in the summer months and I wanted to send this picture to you to show that even our dog loved your UV Skinz! (He’s wearing Evan’s UV Skinz for the photo – that’s the ONLY reason why you see a bare-chested kid in the picture.) Our kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wearing your shirts because it means they don’t have to stop and apply more sunscreen every couple of hours. Thanks so much for the great sun protection.

~ Jen O.


My daughter, Emily, just started swim lessons for the year and we wanted to try a better means of protection than sunscreen. We are very happy with our UV Skinz and Emily loves the soft feel of the fabric. She is even wearing her swimshirt to bed! Thanks UV Skinz!

Lisa S.
Sacramento, CA


I don’t have to stop playing to put more sunscreen on all of the time and I won’t get burned either. I love my UV Skinz!


Twain Harte, CA


We did not have to worry about baby Henry's skin on the beach in Puerto Rico.. Even though the sun was very strong, his skin was not affected! We were just amazed with the protection the shirts provided!

~ Auntie Alicia


Thank you so much for the nice shirts. Chaz has had his on for 3 days straight now.

Todd S.
Oklahoma City, OK


UV Skinz, from a grandmother's heart.

I grew up in the fifties and sixties. I lived in San Diego and spent most of my free time at the (of course) BEACH! In those days nothing was ever mentioned about skin cancer, age spots, or any other of the negative "benefits" that you received from direct sun rays. Of course all of the tanning products preached about "what a great tan you would get" using their products. We all bought into those wonderful pictures of tanned perfect bodies seen in the ads.

Now that I am in my sixties I am seeing "dot-to-dot" spots all over my once perfect tanned body and worry all of the time about skin cancer forming from over indulgence in the sun as a young woman.

UV Skinz are an answer to prayer. Not only can my grandchildren be out in the sun without the constant slathering of skin products to protect their brand new skin, but they look so cool in this great outerwear. They put their "skinz" on automatically whenever they go outside in the sun. I am so grateful that these products are available and so environmentally friendly.

It is never too late to protect your skin and I wear my UV Skinz outside when subjected to damaging rays. Swimming has become such a popular exercise and activity for adults. UV Skinz are great to wear both in the water and out. Fits like a glove and not heavy.

From great appreciation for this product,
Paulina S.
Sonora, California


Here is a picture of my son, Liam, in his UV Skinz at the beach last weekend. We were in St. Augustine and he had a blast and wore his UV Skinz all day long! They really are the best -- so soft, dry fast and comfy! And the fact that they do not have tags is awesome! We call Liam the tag police. He will ask us to get scissors to cut ALL tags off his clothes. It's a riot!


~ Linda


Review by Classymommy.com

UV Skinz has created a line of fun, comfortable, high quality UPF 50+ swimshirts for the entire family. As any mom knows, reapplying sunscreen all day long gets to be a drag for us and for our whining kids! Cover them up with these fabulous UV Skinz and you'll be good to go for the duration! UV Skinz was founded with a passion to protect our families from the sun. The UV Skinz founder is a Mom to 3 young sons who tragically lost her 32 year old husband to skin cancer. The mission of UV Skinz is truly to protect our kids from the dangers of the sun. Classy Mommy Approved!

Sharon Photo

Hi Rhonda,

We got our Skinz today! I tried it on my daughter right away, so cute and great fit! She loves the bracelet too! I took her to the park and went a little nuts with pictures. I've attached quite a few. Feel free to use what you like. I must say that I love the neck coverage! That's one of those areas that needs protection but often gets overlooked. And I love the feel of the fabric and how light it is.

Thanks again!

~ Sharon =)

Laila and Lillian Photo

When we are at the river I feel so great putting the skinz on my kids. I feel they are protected from the sun and we are not adding polluting sunscreen to the pristine mountain river water! I don't have to worry about the condition of their skin when the shirts are on and I feel they are safe from the sun. We can all relax and enjoy our day and night!

We love UV Skinz, thank you!

~ Alicia

Patrick photo

Hi Rhonda, I received your package; I could never thank you enough for those lovies!* Attached are some pictures of Patrick wearing his UV Skinz; this product is amazing and makes me feel so good as a parent to feel confident that I am protecting him the best I can. Thank you so much for your great products! I cannot imagine a summer that we will dress our son with anything less than your clothing! Please feel free to use a picture of Patrick and my words for your website. I truly find you, your husband and your company an inspiration to how humans should care for one another. Again, many, many thanks!

Best regards,
Tammy, Jim and Patrick

*In case anyone is wondering what "lovies" are, this is what Patrick’s family calls the free rubber bracelet that comes with every children's UV Skinz swim shirt. We are very honored that Patrick chose our bracelet over a cuddly teddy bear or "blankie". Thanks Patrick!

Maureen photo

I normally do not take the time to send off feedback to a web site, but I am so in love with the shirts I bought for my boys! I had no idea how much more convenient they would make my life … I no longer worry about nasty sunburns (and my littlest guy burns easily) or re-applying all the crappy chemicals found in sunblock. We enjoy our time at the beach and in the water that much more.

I can’t wait to get next year’s styles for the boys! Here’s a picture of our trip to Santa Cruz, CA.

Your loyal customer,

Dr. Bob photo

As a father and a physician, I think that UV Skinz are fantastic! I know how difficult it is to get kids to wear sunscreen routinely, and I’ve seen firsthand the devastation that skin cancer can cause. A product that kids love to wear because it’s comfortable and looks cool AND protects against the damaging rays of the sun is a complete winner. My kids hardly take their UVSkinz off all summer, and wear them beneath their ski clothes all winter.

~ Dr. Bob (Son, Eric on wakesurf – New Melones, CA)

Stacy photo

We love UV Skinz! We have two young children and when they are wearing their shirts, we don't have to worry about them getting sunburned. It's so much easier and more effective than sunscreen and it's so easy. We liked them so much for our kids that we decided we had to have them too.

Hope you enjoy the picture!

~ Stacy


UV Skinz did a wonderful job of keeping my baby safe in the intense Mexico sun. You couldn't even tell that she had been in the sun for two weeks. Her neck, arms, back and chest were as white when we got home as they were when we left. After seeing how comfortable and cool she was in her shirt, I borrowed one from my sister and began wearing it myself. I couldn't believe how well they breathe while shielding your skin from the burning UV rays. I love this product!

Thank You,

Scott photo

My family was fortunate enough to discover UV Skinz on a family vacation to Maui this past winter. Not only did we make the shirts a family affair but we now also carry UV Skinz in our Seattle shop. Everyone should know about these!

~ Scott, Seattle Suntan

Bill photo

Your story, though tragic, is very inspiring. Your products brilliant. I will buy again.
Picture in Kauai, HI.


~ Bill

I have been teaching at a lake, safety swim lessons to toddlers and school age children. (4 -5 hours a day for the past 12 days) and wear your shirts religiously every day.

Because I am mainly standing in the water only with my body out from the chest or waist up, even with 30 sunscreen, my shoulders get fried. The shirt is tight, but a life saver; the sun is hot, the water is freezing and regular T-shirts weight me down to much to tread water for several hours while teaching kids. The shirts are light weight and seem to even sometimes be almost water repellent. I now get in and out of the water, am warmer and LOVE the tactile feeling of them .

Every, yes, every one of the moms of these children I am teaching have bought 1, 2 and sometimes 3 of these shirt. I see them all over town now and feel confident that the UV Skinz Company is a match that works for me and the families I deal with.

I have several stories for why I like these shirts.....another one is....in a lake type situation I feel much safer with the children that have the shirts on. I can see the children clearer in mucky lake water when they have the shirts on. They are also easier to grab onto than skin for safety reasons when I have to carry a child through a difficult long swim out in the middle of the lake.

Well take care, and I'm looking forward to working with getting the word out to parents at my camps this summer.

~ Catie

I just wanted to tell you that we are in Lake Tahoe and I went to a boutique store in Truckee, CA to buy long sleeve uv shirts for our kids. After I bought them, we were so impressed with the quality, and not being skin tight, that I went on your website the next day. Now our whole family will be wearing UV Skinz. We love how they feel like t-shirts. We can tell that you are dedicated to keeping people safe from the sun because of the fact that you don't charge for shipping. THANK YOU!!

~ Jen, San Ramon, CA

I can't believe what a great product this is – wow. We placed our original order with UV Skinz a few weeks ago and received our shipment just before I took the boys down to Sacramento for an all-weekend, no shade event. Immediately, the boys put theirs on and loved the silkiness. Getting ready for the trip down to Sacramento, I mentioned they might be too warm wearing their long sleeved UV Skinz.... I kept close watch on the little one waiting for him to break a sweat in the mid-80 degree weather. It never happened!

~ Bonnie, RoShamBo Children's Clothing & Accessories