UPF Clothing Interview with Featured Athlete: David Henry

David Henry is an avid golfer and uses his talent to support Melanoma awareness. Learn all about why he loves UV Skinz's UPF 50+ clothing for golf on our blog today.
Athlete David Henry in UPF Clothing

David Henry is an avid golfer and uses his talent to support Melanoma awareness. He does it for his mother, who (at the time of writing this) was courageously battling the disease.

You can read more about them on their My Story. Here are David’s thoughts on why he chooses UV Skinz's UV protective clothing as well as how UPF clothing can save lives. 

Interview with Featured Athlete David Henry on UPF Clothing

Sun protection

Why Did You Start Wearing UPF 50+ Clothing?

I became interested in UV clothing after my mom was diagnosed with Stage IV malignant Melanoma.

Being a golfer requires I spend the majority of my time in the sun. I became more interested in it after I was diagnosed as well. 

Did You Find UPF Clothing Comfortable?

I find the clothing comfortable, cool, and very diverse for my career.

I most recently let my caddy wear one of UV Skinz shirts and he fell in love with it.  He said it was the nicest shirt he’d ever worn.

I specifically like the fact that it’s not a heavyweight shirt, and when I’m golfing and sweating it doesn’t stick to my skin and allows me to feel cool and comfortable.

I have received many compliments when I wear my UV protective shirts and it’s stylish in the life of a golf professional.

Would You Recommend UV Skinz's Shirts to Golfers, Why?

I would urge anyone, especially golfers to try this product.

It could make a difference in saving your life as well as provide you with ease of mind knowing that your body is protected while playing the game you love.

UV Skinz has quality products for a great price. Their UV clothing is comfortable, cool, washable, wearable, and most importantly, protects your skin from sunburns and skin cancer. 

Final Thoughts From David Henry

People don’t realize how dangerous too much sun exposure can be and think that just by applying sunblock they're safe. Well, that’s not always the case.

Wearing UV clothing protects your body more! I have tried many different types of UV protective clothing, but I can honestly say that UV Skinz UP clothing is far more advanced in every aspect.

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