New Year, New Sun-Safe You: Resolutions for Better Skin Protection

Have you ever thought of making a new year's intention to take better care of your skin? Read 10 new year's skin resolutions on our blog today to help inspire you!
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With the emergence of the near year, and new year's intentions, why not make a commitment to protecting your skin this year too? 

We've created a list of some new year's resolutions you can reference or choose as we welcome in the new year. 

Top 10 New Year, Sun Safe Resolutions 

1. "I Will Make Sure I Understand Basic Sun Protection Tips"

This includes understanding how different UV rays work, why broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen is important, and how UPF clothing works. 

2. "I Will Make Sure I Understand How to Choose Sunscreen"

This means knowing the difference between broad-spectrum sunscreen and others as well as SPF levels. This also means finding sunscreen that's recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation.

3. "I Will Commit to a Daily Skincare Routine"

Creating a morning skincare routine that incorporates wearing broad-spectrum, high SPF sunscreen every day is a crucial part of this.

4. "I Will Reapply Sunscreen Throughout the Day"

Remember to reapply sunscreen throughout the day, especially after swimming or sweating.

5. "I Will Wear Sun-Protective Clothing and Accessories"

Remember the importance of sun-protective clothing that's rated UPF 50+ as well as accessories and make a promise to wear this type of clothing.

6. "I Will Remember Post Sun-Care"

Take care of your skin post sun time too, which may look like soothing remedies for sunburn, hydration, and using certain moisturizers. 

7. "I Will Educate Myself on Myths Surrounding Sun Exposure and Tanning"

Educate yourself on the myths associated with sun protection and tanning. Be sure to avoid tanning beds, tanning without sun protection, and anything else that could cause long-term sun damage - such as never wearing sunscreen. 

8. "I Will Avoid the Sun at Peak Sunlight Hours"

According to the American Cancer Society, avoid the sun between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., if you can. Seek shade when you can and if you can't wear broad-spectrum sunscreen and UPF 50+ clothing. 

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9. "I Will See My Dermatologist Once a Year for a Skin Check"


Early detection is key when it comes to skin cancer. Book a dermatologist appointment at least once a year to get your skin checked out for any abnormalities. 


10. "I Will Create a Sun Protection Plan for Myself and My Family"

Be proactive and create a sun protection plan for you and your family that you will all follow in the new year. 

Embrace a new year, new sun-safe you mindset for better skin protection in the new year!