Top UPF 50+ Clothing and Swimwear Trends for 2024

Discover new 2024 UPF 50+ trends, including sun ponchos, colorful sun shirts, and polo shirts, for the entire family on our blog today! Remember, keeping yourself protected from the sun will always be trendy!
Top UPF 50+ Clothing and Swimwear Trends for 2024

As we step into a brand-new year, it's time to unveil the latest trends in UPF 50+ clothing and swimwear. And luckily enough for you, UPF clothing has never been more functional and stylish! It's never been easier to stay protected from the sun while feeling comfortable and looking fashionable. 

Discover the latest trends in UPF clothing and swimwear in 2024 below!

From innovative designs to breathable and odor resistant fabrics, this year's trends promise to be sun safe and functional. Whether you're strolling along the beach or out on an outdoor adventures, stay protected from the sun with us at UV Skinz.

Trending UPF 50+ Attire for 2024

This year sun-protective clothing and swimwear is all about looking good and feeling good. New fabric, such as ultra soft viscose made from bamboo provide more functionality and breathability on sunny days. Here are some trends we're currently loving in the sun-protective attire scene: 

1. Maxi Dresses

UPF clothing is not just for the beach nowadays. You can actually style your UPF clothing up or down and wear it to brunch or out around town. Maxi dresses are very trendy right now as they're comfortable, stylish, and easy to style. With a longer length, you also get more UV coverage too. Plus, you can easily put on a sun shawl or sun poncho over your dress to make a trendy outfit you can wear anywhere!


2. Sun Ponchos

Okay, sun ponchos may be our new favorite sun accessory ever. Ponchos add a certain level of flair to any outfit, including maxi dresses, t-shirts, jumpers, and more! Easy to throw on, sun ponchos also offer comprehensive sun coverage too. 


3. Men's Polo Shirts

Polo shirts add a layer of sophistication and can be worn out and about, while golfing, or out to lunch. We love that these polo shirts offer a UPF 50+ rating too, so you can stay sun safe while out on the green or out having family time. 


4. Baby Swimsuits with Matching Sun Hats

Our favorite 2024 baby UPF trend falls under the swimwear category. As babies learn to swim at a young age and many just love the water, making sure they're protected from the sun is key. This is especially true as babies under the age of 6 months can't wear sunscreen. 

Keep your little one's face sunburn free too with a matching baby UPF 50+ sun hat with straps, so your baby can't take it off!


5. Kid's Sun Shirts

Kid's love the sun. It's almost impossible to get them to wear sunscreen at times because of this. Why not set them up for success - and no sunburns - by putting a sun shirt on them? Bold colored sun shirts are so trendy and make it easy to spot them when they're at the beach - and in the water!

Shop from a variety of colors and lengths too. 


The Bottom Line: Sun-Protective Clothing Will Always Be Trendy

Taking care of your skin and making sure you're protecting your loved one's from sun exposure will always be in. Let's just face it, sun protective clothing is the trend! Be sure to check out our entire collection of sun-protective clothing and swimwear online today for more inspiration.