Protect Your Arms with Sun Sleeves

You’re cruising down the highway enjoying the warmth of the mid-day sun on your left arm. You’re confident that your arm won’t burn because you applied sunscreen this morning.

You may be surprised that your sunscreen protection has faded by now.

That morning’s slather of sunscreen has likely lost its effectiveness if you haven’t reapplied it since then. So you may experience red and sensitive skin on your left forearm a few hours later. While sunscreen is an effective UV barrier when combined with other sun-safe measures, it needs to be reapplied frequently throughout the day.

Your upper and lower arms endure plenty of sun exposure outdoors. In addition to driving, repeated UV exposure from yard work, sports and just walking from your car to the office leaves your arms vulnerable to skin damage.

Sunburn isn’t just painful, it also causes injury to your skin that can result in wrinkling, age spots, and a higher risk of skin cancer. Repeated sunburns and unprotected UV exposure will also increase those risks.

How to Protect your Arms Next Time

As already mentioned, you can reapply more high SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen every couple of hours, or more if you sweat heavily or get wet. Another effective choice is to wear a dark, tightly-woven, long sleeve shirt or a long sleeve shirt with UPF 50+ protection. A third option is one that many people aren’t familiar with - sun sleeves.

What are Sun Sleeves?

Sun sleeves are a long, lightweight fabric that covers the arms and is a great alternative to a long sleeve shirt. While sun sleeves are popular with many outdoor enthusiasts, they’re also a great sun-safe accessory for anyone needing arm protection from UV rays.

Truck drivers, landscapers, roofers, home gardeners, and workers traveling to multiple work sites daily are examples of those who can benefit from UPF 50+ sun sleeves. Individuals with photosensitivity or other health conditions that experience severe skin or disease flare reactions can also benefit from sun sleeves.

Sun Sleeve Benefits Include:

  • Easy to pull on and take off when wearing a short sleeve shirt
  • Cooler than wearing a full torso long sleeve cover-up over a short sleeve top
  • Permits unrestricted movement of the shoulder, especially important for  athletes
  • Shields your new arm tattoo from fading and covers existing tattoos for a professional look
  • Protects your shirt from potential stains from frequent sunscreen use
  • Small enough to stash into your backpack or duffel bag when you head indoors
  • Perfect for any season with convenient and dependable sun protection

UV Skinz offers UPF 50+ bamboo sun sleeves with versatile thumb holes for hand coverage. Bamboo naturally wicks away moisture to keep you cooler and resists bacterial growth and odor. A rating of UPF 50+ means that 98% of harmful UV rays are blocked from damaging your skin. UV Skinz buttery soft and easy care sun sleeves are available in multiple colors and sizes.

Why not buy extra sun sleeves to stash in your car, backpack, or with your gardening equipment - wherever you need sun protection. In addition to sun sleeves, UV Skinz offers a full array of clothing and accessories with serious UPF 50+ protection that keeps you sun-safe as you go about your day.

Sun sleeves are just one part of a comprehensive UV protection strategy. Long pants, a wide brim hat, 100% UVA/UVB sunglasses, sunscreen on exposed skin, and seeking shade provides the best protection against sun damage and skin cancer.

You can trust that UV Skinz has you covered.