Sun Protection for Hair 101: How to Protect Hair From Sun Exposure

There’s no doubt sunshine is good for the soul (not to mention vitamin D levels), but too much sun exposure can be harmful in more ways than just an irritating sunburn.
Woman laying out in the sun exposing her hair to harmful UV rays

There’s no doubt that sunshine is good for the soul (not to mention vitamin D levels), but too much sun exposure can be harmful to both your skin and your hair. Yes, UV rays can damage your hair too!

Read on to learn how UV exposure can damage hair, the importance of wearing proper sun protection for your head, and our top picks for protecting your hair from sun exposure.

What You Should Know Sun Damage and Hair

We all know what sun-damaged skin looks like sunburnt, red, and peeling skin, pigmentation changes, dark spots, and even a rough or uneven skin texture. But what about hair? How do you know if your hair has paid the price for too much fun in the sun?

Even if you have healthy and strong hair, too much sun can cause damage to the lipids that protect your strands from external aggressors, like UV rays and free radicals in the environment.

What Sun Damage Does to Your Hair

Without these lipids standing guard, your strands will have a hard time retaining moisture and protecting hair’s internal structure, leading to noticeable changes in hair health and appearance. Basically, sun damage does the following to your hair:

  • Causes hair discoloration
  • Makes your hair feel and look dry
  • Gives your hair a brittle texture
  • Products split ends
  • Makes your hair frizzy
  • Leads to thinner hair
  • Makes it harder to style your hair

Is Colored Hair More at Risk of Sun Damage?

Yes, colored hair is more at risk of sun damage. If you color your hair, protecting it from sun exposure is even more important as color treatments tend to weaken your hair. This leaves more room for dryness and damage.

Sun Damage and Your Scalp

Healthy tresses aside, protecting your hair from the sun is also important because it protects your scalp from getting burned. Shielding the skin on your head should be just as much of a consideration as your arms, chest, face, and legs. Not only will you help prevent a majorly uncomfortable sunburn, but protecting your scalp from sun damage will help ensure your hair grows healthy and strong.

Long story short, hair protection from the sun is a must. While staying out of the sun is the most obvious way to prevent damage, we know it’s not always possible. Let’s talk about how you can keep your hair safe and protected all summer long without sacrificing time in the sun.

How to Protect Hair From the Sun

Wear a Certified UPF 50+ Sun Hat

The easiest and best way to protect hair from sun exposure is to wear a certified UPF 50+ rated sun-blocking hat. Just like certified UPF 50+ clothing, UPF 50+ sun hats are guaranteed to block 98% of UVA and UVB rays from ever reaching the skin or hair.

The best UPF 50+ sun-blocking hats are those that cover the entire scalp and provide sun protection for the ears, face, and neck. At UV Skinz®, we offer several styles of sun hats for women, men, and children ranging from sporty activewear sun hats to stylish resort and travel sun hats, simple sun visors, and more.

Add SPF To Your Morning Hair Care Routine

If your sunny day ensemble demands you forgo a hat, the next best way to protect hair from the sun is with a dedicated hair and scalp sunscreen. Even if you’re wearing a hat, applying hair sunscreen to your locks not covered by your hat can help further prevent overexposure and potential damage.

Available in powders, mousse, and mists, hair sunscreen helps hydrate and protect locks and scalp from sun damage, all without leaving your hair looking or feeling greasy. If you plan to get your hair wet, opt-in for a water-resistant mist to make the most of your sun-blocking efforts.

Limit Heat Styling and Chemical Exposure

Learning how to protect hair from the sun is more than just knowing which products to wear out in the sun; it’s also about knowing which products to avoid to keep hair healthy and strong. In sunny spring and summer months, or in places where sun exposure is more frequent, consider reducing the amount of heat styling or chemical treatments you do.

How UV Skinz®  Can Help You Keep Your Hair and Scalp Sun Safe

No matter what your summer plans entail, UV Skinz® makes it simple to work, play, and travel in sun-protected style and comfort.

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