Sun Safety and Your Car

Ever take a long summer road trip and end with a sunburnt left arm? Don’t laugh, it happens.

While glass does a good job of blocking UVB rays, it doesn’t block UVA rays.

This lack of protection can be harmful to passengers and vehicles alike. Those UVA rays can lead to premature skin aging or even skin cancer. UV rays also do a number on fabrics, leather, and plastics causing your car’s interior to fade and break down.

Adding UV protection to your car isn’t very difficult or expensive. Window tinting that blocks 99% of harmful UV rays can be professionally installed in an afternoon. Prices vary greatly depending on vehicle and tinting product chosen but expect between $100 to $850.

7 Things to Know About Car Window Tinting

Ignore the Windshield

Your car’s windshield is different than any of the other windows. For safety purposes, windshields are made of laminated glass. A benefit of laminated glass is that it blocks nearly all UV rays.

Factory Tint Doesn’t Count

Many cars come with Privacy Glass. While the end result appears similar to tinting, it is very different. Privacy Glass offers no UVA protection.

Obey State Laws

Each state has its own guidelines for car windowing tinting. This will include tint darkness and placement. A reputable, local tinting company will be able to help you choose a solution that is legal in your area.

Go Clear

Not all window tinting has to have a “tint”. There are many clear products that are unnoticeable when installed.

Look for Heat Reduction

Some tinting products can actually block heat from coming through the glass. That can make a big difference when getting into your car on a hot summer day.

Don’t Forget the Sunroof

Often overlooked, glass sunroofs let in a lot of UV rays and heat. Include the sunroof in your tint job to solve both problems.

Get a Warranty

Bad tint jobs happen to good people. Whether through low-quality product or poor installation, a tint job that looked great on day one can look awful 2 years later. Use a tinting company that will stand behind their work and the products they sell with a warranty.

Before your summer road trip, make a stop at a local shop for car window tinting. You’ll benefit in more ways than one.

Tinting Alternatives

While they are not as effective, there are other ways to block UV rays in your car. The most common are window shades. These UV blockers are inexpensive and portable.

Airplanes, Trains, and Buses

Just like your car, other forms of transportation offer no UV protection on their windows. Keep this in mind when choosing a seat on an airplane, train, or bus.