The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Swim Bra

Finding a women's swim bra shouldn't be difficult. Today, UV Skinz goes over the ultimate guide on how to choose the best swim bra based on factors like fit, coverage, and UPF rating, just in time for summer.
woman in UV Skinz's swim bra

While many of you may be familiar with bikini tops have you ever heard of swim bras? Women's swim bras offer more support and coverage than a typical bikini top, making them a great option for new moms, women with bigger busts, women over 50, and women looking for a more modest swimwear top. We also love them for active women who need more support while doing their favorite water activities.

When choosing the best swim bra for your body, how do you know what to look out for? Continue reading to learn all about your ultimate guide for choosing the best women’s swim bra – right in time for summer.

ultimate guide to swim bras

What Is a Swim Bra?

A swim bra is a supportive bra that’s meant to be worn while swimming, relaxing on the beach, and/or partaking in other various water activities, like snorkeling, kayaking, participating in water aerobics, or paddle boarding. Swim bras typically have wider straps and padding to provide more coverage and support. 

Why Wear a Swim Bra Instead of a Bikini Top? 

If you want to wear a bikini top, please do so, we aren’t here to tell you not to, but if you’d like more comprehensive coverage keep on reading. Often women like wearing a swim bra instead of a bikini top as it makes them feel more confident. More coverage and support means less chaffing, rashes, and accidental flashes (it can be embarrassing to accidentally fall out of your bikini top at the beach).

What Are the Benefits of Swim Bras?

Swim bras provide more coverage than bikini tops, sports bras, and bathing suits, making them an excellent option for women over 50, women who just had a baby, or women who need more chest support. Here are some additional benefits of swim bras:

  • Provides adequate coverage without restricting movement.
  • Supports your chest and stays put even with your active lifestyle.
  • Covers your entire chest area and is comfortable enough to wear all day long.
  • Provides a more modest level of coverage.

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Swim Bra?

What you should look for when choosing a swim bar will vary according to what you're looking for but here are some factors to take into consideration:


You want to ensure that the fabric you choose is comfortable and doesn't rub against certain areas of your body. Your chest and underarm areas are pretty sensitive so make sure that you find a swim bra made with either cotton or bamboo viscose fabric that is soft to the touch. 

UPF Rating

To ensure that you are protected under the sun look for a woman's swim bra that also has a UPF rating. We recommend a UPF level of 50 or higher, which means you're protected from over 98% of the sun's UVA and UVB rays. All of our swim bras are rated UPF 50+ for best-in-class UV protection under the sun.


Be sure to find the right fit when it comes time to choose a women's swim bra. Look at various fits and cuts to determine what you'd like. If you're looking for a more modest swim bra, choose one that has a higher neckline. If you'd like your swim bra to fit tighter to support you more during your favorite water activities, look for one that has a more snug fit. 


We also recommend finding a ladies' swim bra that's made out of high-quality material. Swim bras go through it as they're exposed to the sun, chlorine, and saltwater constantly. Find a durable swim bra that won't pill and fall apart after a couple of uses and washes. 

At UV Skinz all our swim bras are saltwater and chlorine resistant to make them durable enough to wear all summer long. 


A Guide to UV Skinz’s Swim Bras

Women's Adjustable Swim Bra

With adjustable straps for a more customized fit, our women's adjustable swim bra is the perfect fit for any woman looking for maximum comfort, support, and protection under the sun. 

This customizable UPF 50+ swim bra features enhanced comfort and will support you through all stages of life, whether you just had a baby or want more coverage as you get older. Plus, you get to determine the fit as your body grows and changes over time. 

Ideal for: Women who want a swim bra with a custom fit, women looking for a swim bra that can be adjusted as their body changes (great for pregnant mommies), and women looking for more coverage and support. 

Adjustable Swim Bra

Women's Padded Swim Bra

Our women's padded swim bra offers more support and eliminates the need to wear a bra underneath it. The light padding also offers a nice lift, giving you a flattering look at any age. This swim bra with a UPF 50+ rating is ideal for both water activities or lounging at the beach and can stand alone or be worn underneath a women's swim shirt or rash guard. 

Ideal for: Women looking for a flattering supportive swim bra, active women looking for a swim bra they can count on, and moms looking for a swim bra that offers more modesty and coverage. 

women's padded swim bra

Women's Active Swim Bra

Our women's active swim bra is for the more active woman who enjoys a variety of water and beach activities, like swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, beach volleyball, and early morning beach runs. This swim bra with a UPF 50+ rating features a higher neckline and additional support to keep you comfortable in and out of the water. 

Ideal for: Women who are active and enjoy water and beach activities, women looking for a modest swim bra with a high neckline, and women over 50 looking for a swim bra with full coverage. 

women's full coverage active swim bra

Women's Crisscross Swim Bra

Our women's crisscross swim bra is ideal for women who enjoy a light to moderate level of coverage and support and removable padding. This swim bra makes for a great bikini top substitute and offers a UPF 50+ rating to keep you safe from the sun's UV rays. It's stylish, and supportive, and makes for the perfect swim top while paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing, or snorkeling with the family. 

Ideal for: women who are active and enjoy water activities, women looking for a more modest bikini top, and women who want a light to moderate amount of support with their swim bra.  

women's crisscross swim bra
Be sure to check out our full collection of women's swim bras rated UPF 50+  today. All our swim bras come in sizes XS to 4XL so you can find your perfect fit.