The Ultimate Guide to Stylish UPF Christmas Gifts for the Entire Family

If you're looking for a Christmas gift for your family that will also protect them from the sun, check out our ultimate gift guide to UPF clothing.
The Ultimate Guide to Stylish UPF Christmas Gifts for the Entire Family

If you're trying to figure out what to get your loved ones and find yourself last minute Christmas shopping, why not gift them the gift of sun protection? 

Prioritizing your skin health is an important step to take at any age to prevent premature aging and skin cancer. Teach your little ones the importance of sun protection at any early age by gifting them UPF 50+ clothing or accessories - some sun protective gifts are small enough to put in a stocking too!

Get ready to discover the perfect blend of style and sun protection for every member of the family this festive season!

Stylish UPF 50+ Clothing Christmas Gifts for Every Family Member

It can be tough to find sun-protective clothing for any age and any member of your family. Fortunately, you're in luck as that's what we specialize in here at UV Skinz! Take a look at some suggestions on what to get your loved ones this holiday season in terms of UPF clothing gifts. 

Stylish UPF Picks for Kids

Sun protective clothing doesn't need to be boring - and there are plenty of fun colors and patterns to choose from for kids in our online store!

A few of our favorites, include colorful rash guards for those long beach days, capris with fun patterns, and cozy hoodies all rated UPF 50+!


Trendy Sun Protective Clothing Choices for Teens

It's not always easy to shop for teens! And trying to get them to wear sunscreen can often seem like an impossible task. That's where sun protective clothing comes in. Here are some trendy items we highly recommend to get your teens passionate about wearing sun-protective clothing: 


Fashionable and Comfortable Sun-Protective Clothing Options for Adults

Sun-protective clothing is also a great gift to give the adults you love in your life - especially if any of them spends a significant amount of time in the sun or has a history of skin cancer. 

Here's some inspiration for you to check out based off our bestsellers for men and women:



Telling Your Family How to Care for Their UPF Clothing

All UV Skinz's UPF swimwear and clothing comes with care instructions, but if you need any additional information, be sure to check out this care page on how to wash and maintain the integrity of your sun protective items. 

This holiday season, let your family's style shine while ensuring their skin stays protected by gifting them with sun-protective swimwear and clothing they will love in the near year. 


Give the Gift of Sun Protection This Holiday Season

Gear up for a season filled with joy, laughter, and impeccable style - all wrapped up in the protective embrace of UPF 50+ clothing!