The UV Index at Your Fingertips: UV Index Apps to Help You Stay Sun Safe

Discover some apps that can help you stay sun safe by sharing the UV index on the UV Skinz's blog today.
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When people talk about the weather, why don’t they ever discuss the UV index? They cover temperature, wind, and rain, but rarely a mention of the UVI. It seems like information worth keeping tabs on.

What Is the UV Index and Why Does it Matter?

For those unfamiliar with the UV index, or ultraviolet index, it is a measure of the level of UV radiation for a given time and place. Standardized by the World Health Organization, the UV index provides a numeric value from zero to 11+. The higher the number, the higher the risk of skin and eye danger. Going out at levels of 8 or higher is not recommended without proper sun protection.

Knowing the forecasted UV index for your location can help you make sun-safe choices. You can plan your day to avoid the outdoors during periods of very high risk.

It is time that you followed the UV index like you do temperature or precipitation. With modern technology, that information can be a few simple taps away.

Browser Apps to Track the UV Index

The Weather Channel

This popular, free website offers detailed UV index information in their “Hourly” forecasts. Click the down arrow for any hour to get the UVI.

The Weather Channel website UV index


Another free website that provides detailed UV index forecasts, check out WillyWeather. Drill down to your location by clicking on an interactive map for a 3-day UVI forecast.

WillyWeather UV Index

iPhone Apps to Track the UV Index

Weather app

The default Weather app on every iPhone provides the current UV index. Just pull up a location and scroll to the bottom of the forecast.

iPhone Weather app UV index

Wolfram ($0.99 available for iOS)

Wolfram not only tells you the UV forecast, but also lets you know how long you can stay in the sun for without getting a sunburn based off what you're wearing, including sunscreen. 

wolfram app



Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can provide the current UV index wherever you are at. To add the UV index, enable a watch face with customizable fields, and choose UV Index from the Customize screen.

Apple Watch

Now that the UV index is so readily available, it should be a part of your daily planning. Take it into consideration, just as you do temperature and precipitation, when deciding what to wear and when to go outside. 

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