UV Skinz Donates Over 200 Hats for Skin Cancer Awareness

High school sophomore, Shikha Prakash, reached out to UV Skinz regarding a service project she created titled “Operation: Save Your Skin”. Read all about how we supported her vision!
UV Skinz's sun hat donation

As many of you already know, we here at UV Skinz are all about sun protection and spreading skin cancer awareness. When we have the opportunity to work with people and companies that share our mission, well,l it really doesn’t get any better than that!

UV Skinz's Interview with Operation Save Your Skin

UV Skinz's Interview with High School Student Shikha Prakash and Operation Save Your Skin

High school sophomore, Shikha Prakash, reached out to UV Skinz regarding a service project she created titled “Operation: Save Your Skin,” which is dedicated to spreading skin cancer awareness in her town of Paris, TX.

She expressed to us her desire to teach children the importance of protecting their skin at an early age and inquired if we would consider donating some of our UPF certified 50+ Sun Hats to her cause. Our response? Of course!

To our excitement, UV Skinz was able to donate over 200 of our sun hats to the class’ adult teachers! These hats were presented to the teachers and children by Shikha during a presentation held at the elementary school, where she discussed the dangers of UV rays and how they relate to skin cancer.

Q&A with Shikha Prakash, Operation Save Your Skin

We were able to ask Shikha a few questions post-event, here are her responses:

First off, tell us about your event Shikha! How did it go?

The event was a phenomenal success! I held an assembly in the school auditorium where all the school dignitaries were in presence, as well as all the local media outlets. I also had the Paris High School cheerleaders, school mascot, and the high school drumline there to perform.

I made a PowerPoint presentation about my project and sun safety in general. Then I performed the Save Your Skin dance which I wrote, and the kids danced along with me.

I recognized UV Skinz and the fact that they had generously donated all the hats for the kids and teachers, and thanked them for being instrumental for making the “Sun Hat for Children” program a reality.

What was the highlight of the presentation for you?

The highlight of the assembly for me was the excitement that the kids and teachers showed towards their new UV Skinz hats!

Why did you choose UV Skinz to partner with for this project?

I chose to partner with UV Skinz because they are the leading maker of the highest quality sun-protective clothing in the U.S.

They were generous enough to partner with Operation: Save Your Skin to raise awareness of skin cancer in my community.

Also, their sun hats are perfect because they are waterproof, lightweight, reversible, and UPF 50+!

What is your next step in your attempt to raise skin cancer awareness?

My next step is to hold a Melanoma walk in my community. I plan to hold this event in the month of May, which is national skin cancer awareness month.

This event will help raise skin cancer awareness greatly. I plan to get skin cancer survivors together not only to participate, but also to share their experiences in their battle with cancer.

I’m hoping to enlist the support of several of the local businesses so that I can make this a community-wide, educational/entertaining event.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

It has truly been a pleasure to work with UV Skinz. Their generosity is truly appreciated. I knew that Operation: Save Your Skin was going to be challenging and would face many hurdles; however, people and companies such as UV Skinz have helped make my project a success. I plan to continue to work hard to impact people’s lives positively.

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