What the UV Skinz's Team Loves to Wear

We believe that if we wouldn't love to wear the products we provide, we shouldn't sell them at all. See what we deemed as our favorite UV Skinz products to wear.
What the UV Skinz's Team Loves to Wear

Our goal here at UV Skinz is to provide you, our customers, with comfortable and stylish UPF 50+ clothing that you can trust to keep you covered. We believe that if we wouldn't love to wear the products we provide, we shouldn't sell them to you.  

So we asked our team to share some of their favorite UV Skinz's products. Read why they love these items below. 

Our Customer Service Team's Favorite UV Skinz's Product

Swim Tights"Although I love most of our products, I would say my favorite one right now is our active women's swim tights. They are just so comfortable and versatile! I usually wear them when I'm out on a hike or our exploring, but they are also perfect for just laying around the house in. I'm also a big fan of yoga and the comfort, mobility, and coverage these tights provide make them perfect for both instructing courses and just doing solo sessions."

- Nicole, Customer Service Team


Our Design and Development Team's Favorite UV Skinz's Product

Hooded Water Jacket"I’d say my favorite product is the women's hooded water jacket with UPF.  It is the one thing I always bring with me on every outdoor activity. I use it when I climb outdoors for quick and easy sun protection. I love that it is flexible and lightweight and doesn't hinder me when I climb.

The full zipper allows for easy on and off when the weather or temperature fluctuates. I also use this jacket for trail running.

I love how breathable it is while still providing a barrier between me and the sun (I only wish we made these jackets in a full onesie style, I would never take it off haha).

But for real, not only do these jackets perform well in almost any activity, they are also comfortable and stylish. I also often throw my water jacket on when I go to the farmers market or run errands. I definitely live in it during the summer!"

- Makena, Design and Development Team

Our Controller's Favorite UV Skinz's Product


3 Piece Swim Set"We sell a lot of products that I personally use and love, but my favorite thing we offer is our kid's 3-piece swim set which my kids wear almost every time we go out under the sun.

These sets make keeping my kids sun safe so easy and the peace of mind I get from knowing they are protected from the sun is invaluable.

The best thing about these sets is that my kids actually like wearing them! If you’re a parent, you know how hard it can be to put sunscreen on your kids and keep them covered.

The fact that my kids are more than happy to wear these sets whenever we go out under the sun is incredible."

- Mark, Controller

Our Customer Service Team's Favorite UV Skinz's Product

Everyday Tee"I love our women's everyday tee as it’s so soft and comfortable, I could wear it everyday (may be taking the name a bit too literally).

I'm highly active and these tees have been able to handle everything I throw at them. It is also great to know that I am covered and protected from the sun whenever I'm just out and about in one of these tees.

I believe sun protection is important everyday, not just when at the beach or lake. I can't think of a better way to get daily coverage (and look great) than in one of our everyday tees."

- Taylor, Customer Service Team

Our Marketing Team's Favorite UV Skinz's Product

Pullover Hoodie"I practically live in my UV Skinz products, but my go to item right now is our men's pullover hoodie.

 As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors in various climates, I really appreciate how versatile these hoodies are - you can wear them everywhere.

I was recently in Hawaii and could comfortably wear my hoodie as a cover-up even though it was far warmer and more humid out than I am used to back home.

I also often wear my hoodie as an extra layer on hikes and other adventures around my home town in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It's rare that I find a product I can take on so many different activities in.

Knowing I'm covered by certified UPF 50+ sun protection wherever I wear my hoodie is also a huge plus."

- Seth, Marketing Team