18 Sun Safe Items

Baby Girl's Reversible Sun Hat

134 reviews

Baby Girl's Sun & Swim Suit

250 reviews

Baby Girl's Hooded Sunzie

15 reviews

Baby Girl's Swim Hat

10 reviews

Baby Girl's Swim Flap Hat

22 reviews

Baby Girl's UV Sunzie

68 reviews

Multipurpose Car Seat Cover

1 review

Baby Bamboo Sun Legz™

9 reviews

Baby Long Sleeve Sun & Swim Shirt

34 reviews

Sun Tips Beach Towel

4 reviews

Kid's Hooded Beach Towel

15 reviews

Fun Bucket Hat

18 reviews

Kids Play Sun Hat

84 reviews

Baby Girl's Swimwear

Keeping your baby girl safe in the sun has never been easier than with baby girl sun protective swimwear from UV Skinz®. From Baby Girl’s One Piece Swimsuits and Baby Girl Swim Shirts perfect for water play to the Baby Girl’s Cover-Ups and Baby Girl’s Sun Hats to keep her protected while taking a snack break, we make it simple to keep her skin safe from those harmful UVA/UVB rays all summer long.

The Sun & Your Baby’s Skin

Did you know babies younger than six months old don’t have the ability to metabolize and excrete the chemicals often found in sunscreen? Because of this, sunscreen use on infants under six months old should be avoided altogether, along with keeping them out of direct sunlight.

Even if your baby is older than six months, sunscreen does not provide the right amount of protection their delicate skin needs. For this reason, it’s recommended that babies be dressed in lightweight sun-protective clothing anytime they are swimming or playing outdoors. Luckily, we’ve got a few sun-protective solutions we think you’ll love.

Many of our baby girl swimwear is made with a quick-drying bamboo, or chlorine and salt water-resistant four-way stretch fabric. You can shop all of our baby girl sun protective swimwear in sizes ranging from 3-6m to 3T for looks you love to dress her in all throughout her infant and toddler years.

Baby Girl Swim Clothing

From adorable onesies and long sleeve swimsuits, there’s no shortage of baby girl swimwear to choose from here! Enjoy full-length Baby Girl’s Sun & Swim Suits in many adorable designs and colored swimmers or romper-style swimsuits, or let her out to catch a breeze in a Baby Girl’s UV Sunzie. If you’re worried about her legs getting a bit too much sun, just throw on a pair of Baby Bamboo Sun Legz, which looks super cute with our Baby Girl’s Hooded Terry Beach Cover-Up or Kids Hooded Beach Towel!

Sun Protective Baby Accessories

Whether you’re out for a walk or letting her nap while you get lunch with the girls, the Baby Car Seat Cover offers the UPF 50+ protection you want with an ultra-soft breathable bamboo fabric she needs to stay cool in her car seat. Unlike some other car seat covers, this UPF 50+, ultra-soft bamboo car seat cover will block out 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays from ever reaching her skin. Plan on hitting the beach or park? Be sure to take along our soft and lightweight Sun Blanket and Baby Girl’s Swim Hat for added protection of her face, ears, and neck!

No matter what’s on the list of fun summer activities, be sure you’ve got the best baby girl swimwear to keep her safe in the sun. Don’t forget to shop our new line of Men’s, Women’s, and Baby Girl’s Everyday & Travel Clothes while shopping for her new sun-safe summer wardrobe!