Sun Safe Superstars

Sun Safe Superstars are amazing, sun-loving people who help us raise awareness about the importance of sun protection. By sharing their passion for the outdoors and knowledge of sun safety, Superstars can make a real difference while earning cash and swag along the way!

Sun Safe Superstars make a 15% commission on each UV Skinz apparel purchase referred!

If you are an outgoing individual who interacts with other sun-lovers in the real world or online, you could make for a great (and profitable) Sun Safe Superstar. Sign up today! Then start spreading the word and your ambassador link. The commissions will start rolling in before you know it.

Promote Sun Safety

Let’s team up to education and spread the word about the importance of sun safety by reaching out to your family, friends, and social followers.

Get Families Covered

Raise awareness and drive the importance of sun safety through education so that all families can safely LIVE and HAVE FUN outdoors!

Earn Commissions

Share the benefits of UPF 50+ sun protection and UV Skinz sunwear. You'll receive a 15% commission on UV Skinz apparel purchases you refer!

Sun Safe Superstar applications aren't being accepted at this time. Please check back next season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a Superstar? 

To be a UV Skinz Sun Safe Superstar you must be over the age of 18. We are currently accepting applications from US & Canada.

At our companies core, we are a sun protection and education company. Anyone who has access to a group of people that enjoys activities under the sun would be a perfect addition to our Superstar program.

To name a few examples: water aerobic instructors, mommy & baby bloggers, social influencers, golfers, etc.

What makes a successful Superstar?

The most successful superstars are those that have a true passion for sun safety and believe that education on sun safety is the key to prevention. It is also helpful to have an audience that you can share our mission and brand with whether that audience is online or in the real world.

What is the earning potential for a Superstar? 

By becoming a Superstar, you'll have access to content, perks and a 15% commission on each UV Skinz apparel sale you refer. This means that the earning potential is unlimited. It is totally up to you and what you decide to make of it.

How will UV Skinz help me be a successful Superstar? 

As a Sun Safe Superstar, you will have access to creative assets that will help you educate on sun safe practices and promote UV Skinz UPF 50+ sunwear.

How do I earn commissions? 

Superstar commissions are earned when purchases are made through a unique affiliate link. The trick is to share that link with your audience whether in person or online.

Sharing online is easy as you can post links on social media and blogs. For sharing your link in person, consider creating a QR code for people to scan with their phones or send a follow-up message by text or email.

Customer Purchases made within 30 days of clicking your link are eligible for commission. These commissions are added to your account 60 days after the date of purchase.

Third-Party products are not eligible for commissions.

How are commissions paid?  

To make payments as easy as possible, we pay Superstar commissions via PayPal, a free service that's super quick and easy to sign up for. To apply as a Superstar, you are required to have a PayPal account. To get started, head to paypal.com to create your account.

There is a $25 minimum for commission payouts. That minimum is usually reached with 2-3 purchases using your affiliate link.

Where can I view my Superstar account information, including earned commissions? 

Your Sun Safe Superstar Dashboard will be your go-to for everything you need. From there you can keep track of your sales and commission, update shipping or payment info, or find your affiliate link if you ever forget it.

Login to the Sun Safe Superstar Dashboard here.

Can I cancel my Sun Safe Superstar account at any time? 

If you no longer want to be a Sun Safe Superstar, we totally understand. Sometimes it just doesn't work for you. Simply shoot us an email at superstars@uvskinz.com and let us know. We'll cancel your Superstar account for you. We will certainly miss you, of course!