10 Things You Need to Get Ready for Summer

There’s so much to do in the summer! Now is the time to get ready for summer so you can make the most of the warm weather months while making sure your skin is also protected from the sun. Check out the 10 things you should do to get prepared for summer.
10 Things You Need to Get Ready for Summer

There’s so much to do in the summer, from family vacations to solo adventures to pool parties, cookouts, and more. Now is the time to get ready for summer so you can make the most of the warm weather months while making sure your skin is also protected from the sun.

Here are 10 ways you can start preparing for summer today.

10 Ways to Get Ready for Summer While Staying Sun Safe

The more time you spend preparing for summer now, the more enjoyable it will be once it’s here. Don’t let the season pass by without getting the most out of warmer, brighter days. And do make sure that you have summer accessories and swimwear ready to go as you need to protect your skin too. 

1. Make Sure Your Sunscreen Hasn’t Expired

You’ll spend a lot more time outdoors during the summer, so it’s important to stock up on sunscreen. While you may have some half-filled bottles in your cabinet from last year, don’t assume they’re still good. Check the sunscreen expiration date, and toss any that won’t provide the protection your skin needs and deserves.

2. Get Your Water Bottles Ready

Staying hydrated during the summer is essential because the warm weather can quickly dry out your skin and cause you to become dehydrated. To avoid summer dehydration, purchase a reusable water bottle that keeps your beverage cold, even after being in the heat all day.

3. Plan Activities, Trips, and Get-Togethers

Summer can pass by in a flash. If you don’t spend time planning and preparing for summer activities now, it may be too late before you know it. So, plan a road trip and invite your friends now to fit it into their schedule. Or ask your family to a summer BBQ bash to kick off the season. Whether you opt for one big vacation or a few shorter trips, make sure you put some events on your calendar.

4. Purchase New UPF Swimwear and Clothing

If you want new swimwear or summer clothing, now is the time to purchase what you need as most swimwear companies put out their best and most popular swimsuits and clothing at this time.

The best summer swimwear/clothing is certified UPF 50+, so it doesn't just look good but also protects your skin from the sun's harsh UV rays as well.

At UV Skinz, we have summer protective clothing and swimwear for the whole family, including women's swimwear, men's swimwear, girl's swimwear, boy’s swimwear, and baby swimwear for all your summer adventurers.

5. Gather New Recipes to Try

Summer is an excellent time to try new foods and drinks. Start gathering recipes now, so when summer comes, you’re ready to break out the blender and try a fruity smoothie for a midday snack. Or bust out the grill and whip up some grilled shrimp skewers with pineapple salsa, yum!

6. Schedule Time for Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Although your kids may have time off of school during summer vacation, that doesn’t mean your schedule slows down. Whether you’re working through the summer or have other responsibilities filling up your calendar, plan some time for rest and relaxation. Maybe that means taking a day at the pool to yourself, where you can wear your new women's swimwear and read a good book.

7. Make a Summer Reading List

Speaking of reading a good book, have you made your summer reading list yet? Whether just for you or for your kids too, it’s always a good idea to have a few books for summer reading. Even if you plan fun events and activities, there will be downtime. Make the most of quiet summer moments with a good book or two.

8. Prioritize Movement to Feel Good This Summer

When preparing for summer, you’ll also want to think about preparing your body to feel good all summer long. If you’re going to be sporting your new men's swimwear or summer dresses, you might as well feel as confident as you can. Start prioritizing movement now so that when summer comes, you’re ready for it.

9. Start Saving Money for Summer Activities

All those summer activities won’t pay for themselves. If you want to go on trips or splurge on new summer clothes, you need to start saving now. Create a special “Summer Fun” budget designated for summertime activities.

10. Prepare Your Skin for the Sun Rays

Your skin will be exposed to the sun during the summer, so it’s important to keep it healthy and thriving. You can start now by moisturizing daily and keeping yourself hydrated. Consider wearing a women’s rash guard and sun hat, so the harmful rays don’t even have a chance to reach your skin.

No matter how you plan to spend your days, now is the time to get ready for summer! You can start by shopping for all your UPF 50+ sun-protective clothing and swimwear at UV Skinz!