14 Places to Wear Your UPF 50+ Clothing

Have you ever wondered where you're supposed to wear UPF clothing? Sun-protective clothing is not just for the pool or beach. Today, we go over 14 places you can wear UPF 50+ clothing and why it's important to do so. 
woman in UPF clothing

The great thing about UPF 50+ clothing is that it can be worn in many other places other than the pool or the beach to keep you protected from the sun. We must remember that sun safety is something we should practice every day. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation informs us to wear sunscreen every day, as long as we're over 6 months old. 

Keeping ourselves protected from the sun's UV rays on a daily basis could be as easy as getting dressed in the morning! To help, we have compiled a list of places where you can wear your sun-protective clothing.

14 Places to Wear UPF 50+ Clothing

1. Trips to the Beach

This one is pretty obvious, but if you don't know, now you do. You should wear UPF 50+ clothing and swimwear on a trip to the beach to stay as safe as you can from the sun's UV rays. Let's face it, it's easy to forget to wear sunscreen, it's also even easier to forget to reapply it. UPF clothing and swimwear ensure you don't have to!

You can go from the water to the sand and never have to think about reapplying sunscreen when wearing UV-protective swimwear/clothing.

We actually specialize in UPF 50+ swimwear and beachwear that you'll love to wear if you need to browse some options for your next beach trip. 

little boy in UV Skinz's UPF swimwear

2. Gardening

Wear your long-sleeve UPF shirt while gardening to keep your arms, chest, and back protected from the sun. UPF clothing is the perfect solution to an unwanted farmer’s tan! Don’t forget a UV-protective wide-brimmed hat!

3. Camping

UPF clothing is great for camping, whether you like to hike or just relax and beach camp, you need UV protection. You won’t have to worry about stopping while you hike or enjoy a cool beverage while on the beach.

4. Hiking

Flat-lock seams and breathable material make UPF 50+ clothing the perfect choice for a hike. You will stay comfortable and protected from the sun in UPF clothing. Don't forget a UPF adventure hat to keep your head and neck shaded and sunburn free. 

man in UV Skinz's UPF adventure hat

5. Tennis

Playing tennis with UPF clothing on allows you to stay focused on your game. Let your UPF shirt and shorts keep you covered while you worry about winning!

6. Pool Play/Swimming

Yes, you can get sunburned while relaxing by the pool or swimming in it. UPF swimwear and clothing protect your skin from the sun's harsh UV rays. 

woman in a UPF swimsuit by the pool

7. Boating

With many choices to choose from you can find your perfect boat style with UPF clothing. As you're on the boat most of the time, you're spending a lot of time in the sun. Be sure to cover up with UPF wraps, jackets, and a sun hat. 

8. Surfing

Surfers spend a significant amount of time in the sun, which is why a rash guard, swim hat, and swim shorts are ideal UPF swimwear pieces to choose from to stay protected. 

9. Rivers and Lakes

Find UPF swimwear that's multi-functional, meaning you can wear it in multiple different bodies of water. You can rock UV Skinz at the river or the lake as well! The incredible design of our UV-protective shirts (breathable and silky-smooth material to keep you comfortable all day) makes for great swim shirts while cruising the river or playing in the lake. 

10. Picnic Day at the Park

Don’t fuss with sunscreen at the park when all the kids want to do is run around and play! Let them wear their UV Skinz and be confident knowing you have given them the ultimate sun protection with UPF clothing.

It is important to remember that babies under 6 months should never wear sunscreen at the park or beach (or anywhere unless your dermatologist gives you the green light), but UV Skinz offers many styles of baby long-sleeve sun shirts to keep your baby’s precious skin safe from the start!

11. Snow skiing/boarding

The snow reflects 95% of the sun’s rays so when you plan a weekend of snow adventure make sure you include UPF clothing in your winter layers. You won’t have to worry about sun damage even when it’s cloudy with UV Skinz as we have a whole collection of UPF fleece for men, women, and children

12. Golfing

The average round of golf, according to Golfing Focus, takes around 4.5 hours and is played directly under the sun.That's a lot of sun exposure! Keep yourself protected with UPF clothing. With lots of styles to choose from you will always be the leader in golfing fashion and sun protection with UV Skinz.

man in UPF golf clothing by UV Skinz

13. Running Errands

Just slip on your favorite UPF clothing and go! You'll be safe from the sun's UV rays wherever your day takes you. 

14. Road Trip

You can get sunburned through a car window while on a road trip. Stay sun safe by wearing sun-protective clothing and sun sleeves to keep your arms sunburn free. No more weird arm sunburns!

man and woman on a road trip wearing sun sleeves

Be sure to check out UV Skinz's UPF 50+ clothing for all of your everyday and travel sun protection needs. We make UPF swimwear and clothing for the entire family.