14 Places to Wear Your UPF 50+ Clothing

The great thing about UPF 50+ clothing is that even though it can be referred to as a “swim shirt”, it can be worn for many other activities besides water play or sports and throughout the seasons. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) which indicates how much of the sun’s UV radiation is absorbed by the fabric. The UPF of clothing is similar to the SPF of sunscreens. They both provide protection from sunburns, but UPF 50+ clothing blocks up to 98% of both UVA and UVB rays.

Keeping ourselves protected on a daily basis could be as easy as getting dressed in the morning! We have compiled a list of places that you can wear your sun protective wardrobe. Let’s learn how versatile uv-protective clothing is!

14 Places to Wear UPF 50+ Clothing:

1. Trips to the Beach…You can go from the water to the sand and never have to think about reapplying sunscreen to the parts of your body covered by your uv-protective clothing. Don’t worry about being body conscious while you wear UV skinz swim shirts/boy short coordinates because they offer fashionable styles with full coverage. With it’s light-weight and breathable material you will stay cool and comfortable all day long.

Trips to the Beach

2. Gardening…Wearing your long-sleeve UV Skinz top while gardening is the perfect solution to an unwanted farmer’s tan! Don’t forget a uv-protective wide-brimmed hat!

3.Camping…UV Skinz sun protective shirts and matching coordinates are great for camping. You won’t have to worry about stopping while you hike to reapply sunscreen and the feel of the material will never irritate your skin.

4. Hiking…Flat-lock seams and breathable material make UPF 50+ clothing the perfect choice for a hike. You will stay comfortable and most of all sun-safe.

5. Tennis…Playing tennis with UV Skinz will not only look amazing, but will allow you to stay focused on your game while the shirt does all the work.

6. Pool Play/Swimming…All of our clothing is quick-drying so no need to worry while lounging pool-side.

7. Boating…With many choices to choose from you can find your perfect boat-style.

8. Surfing…Keep riding those waves longer with the warmth of our Warm Skinz.

9. Rivers and Lakes…As the name states UV skinz swim shirts are great for all types of water play! The incredible design of the uv-protective shirt (breathable and silky-smooth material, flat-lock stitching throughout the garment) keeps you comfortable all day long. The material also dries fast so no need to take it off–ever!

10. Picnic Day at the Park…Don’t fuss with sunscreen at the park when all the kids want to do is run around and play! Let them wear their UV Skinz and be confident knowing you have given them the ultimate in sun protection. It is important to remember that babies under 6 mo should never wear sunscreen, but UV Skinz offers many styles of baby long-sleeved sun shirts and even baby bloomers to keep your baby’s precious skin safe from the start!

Picnic Day at the Park

11. Snow skiing/boarding…The snow reflects 95% of the sun’s rays so when you plan a weekend of snow adventure make sure you include UV Skinz in your winter layers. You won’t have to worry about sun damage even when it’s cloudy; plus UV Skinz makes a great under shirt.

12. Golfing…With lots of styles to choose from you will always be the leader in golfing fashion and sun protection.

Men’s Long Sleeve Half-Zip with Coastal Resort Pants

Men’s Long Sleeve Half-Zip with Coastal Resort Pants

13. Running Errands…Just slip on your favorite UV Skinz sun shirt, wide-brimmed hat and go!

14. Pajamas?!…As I’ve found out from experience kids are so comfortable in UV Skinz sun shirts that they might even end up wearing them to sleep!

UV Skinz sun shirts are uniquely designed to keep you covered, comfortable, cool and fashionable. Since they fit more like a t-shirt they allow for a less restrictive and confining feel. UV Skinz are so silky-smooth with amazing sun protection that you will never want to take it off! Whatever outdoor activity you and your family enjoy UV Skinz is the perfect option for ultimate sun protection.

Let us know where you wear your UV Skinz! #sunsafelife