4 Winter Skincare Tips You Might Not Know

Wintertime can mean dry, flaky skin, so get ahead of the game and learn how to best prepare your skin for this season. Check out 4 tips (plus one bonus one) you might actually not know about winter skincare on our blog.
woman putting moisturizer on her skin for winter

As the seasons change, your skin will too! You might notice your skin is drier during this time and in need of a little extra TLC. If you're looking for some tips of winter skincare, check out our blog today. Many of us are actually missing out on 4 tips that can set our skin up for success this winter season.

Winter Skincare Tips You Might Actually Not Know

1. You Still Need to Wear Sunscreen

Contrary to what a lot of people think, you do need to use sunscreen every day - even during the winter time! Sun protection during the winter months is key as UV rays can actually reflect off of snow. 

To stay protected from the sun during winter, we recommend the following: 

2. Moisturizing Your Skin Is Key to Keeping it Healthy and Vibrant

Winter is not the time to avoid moisturizing your skin. Opt for an oil-based moisturizer to help combat dryness, redness, and irritation at this time. Dermatologists recommend a thicker moisturizer during this time to ensure your skin gets that extra boost as it's very dry out during wintertime. 

3. Don't Exfoliate as Much

As your skin is more sensitive and dry during this season, it's not recommended by dermatologists to exfoliate as much. You know your skin best though, so if you have oily skin or skin that get's easily clogged, find an exfoliating routine that works best for you. Try to opt for gentler and more natural exfoliating products to keep your sensitive skin healthy and not dry it out. 

4. Use a Humidifier to Protect Dry Skin

Heat, including heaters, can dry out your skin and give you chapped lips and a super sensitive nose! Try to combat that with a humidifier. Humidifiers add moisture to the air to prevent dryness. 

Bonus: Don't Forget the UPF 50+ Clothing!

If you love to participate in winter sports, then protecting your skin from UV rays needs to be a priority. We love our fleece collection for this exact reason! Stay stylish, comfortable, warm, and protected from the sun in UV Skinz.