Best UPF Clothing Ideas for Kids

Do you need help finding comfortable, high-quality UPF clothing your kids will actually wear? You've come to the right place. Check out our best UPF clothing ideas for kids today!
Best UPF Clothing Ideas for Kids

Sun protective clothing for kids provides much needed protection from the sun's harmful rays thanks to this type of clothing's Ultra Violet Protection Factor (UPF) rating. UPF refers to how much ultraviolet (UV) radiation a fabric blocks from the sun.

Today, we go over what to look out for when shopping for kids' UPF clothing and provide some inspiration for your family's wardrobe. 

What to Look for When Shopping for UPF Clothing for Kids

UPF Rating

You want to make sure that you get UPF clothing for your kids that has a high UPF rating. The Skin Cancer Foundation will tell you that a UPF rating of at least 30 is needed to get their seal of recommendation. UPF ratings of 30 to 49 offer good protection from the sun while UFP ratings of 50+ offer excellent protection.

Fun fact: All of our UPF clothing and swimwear is rated UPF 50+!


The last thing you want to do is put your kids in clothing they don't think is comfortable or wont' wear. This is why we highly recommend UPF clothing that is made from breathable, lightweight material like bamboo viscose. This material also has natural odor control to keep clothes smelling fresh - even after play dates!


High-quality UPF clothing is a must when it comes to your kiddos. This is because an article of clothing that isn't high-quality or doesn't have tightly woven fabric won't protect your skin from the sun's UV rays. When it comes to UPF clothing, look for tightly wound fabric with less space in between the fibers. 


Let's face it, getting your kids dressed isn't always an easy task. Make sure the UPF clothing you choose from them is versatile enough to be worn wherever they go, so the beach, school, the playground, etc. 


Make it easy on you and your kids and find UPF clothing that's easy to style. Basic sun-protective tees that they can easily throw on over UPF pants or shorts make getting your kiddo dressed a breeze. 


Make sure to stick within your budget but also understand that high-quality UPF clothing is a must-have, so don't just try to find the cheapest clothing you can. Look out for sales and sign up for a brand's email newsletter to be alerted of sales. You can sign up for our email newsletter by clicking on the pop up!

UPF 50+ Shirts for Girls 

A staple in any girl's wardrobe, sun-protective shirts are a must-have. This collection features our everyday shirt, which can be worn all year round, as well as our long-sleeve everyday shirt. This long-sleeve is perfect for fall and winter and looks great paired with our girl's hoodie

UPF 50+ Bottoms for Girls

Keep your kid sun safe in UPF 50+ bottoms for girls. These options are lightweight, breathable, and super versatile. We love that you can easily pair them with the UPF 50+ shirts above as well. 

UPF 50+ Shirts for Boys

Whether you need a causal tee for your kid or a nice button-up for a birthday party or church event, this collection of UPF 50+ shirts for boys does the job. We love that you can pair these with any of our sun protective bottoms for boys as well. 

Comfortable, lightweight, and breathable, these sun protective tops are a bestseller. Pair them with a pullover hoodie to complete their outfit. 

UPF 50+ Bottoms for Boys

Styling your kid has never been easier with our UPF 50+ bottoms for boys. Keep them safe from the sun's harsh UV rays while also looking adorable in our selection of pants and shorts. 

If you're looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out our entire collection of kids' UPF clothing online.