Your Guide to the Best Swimming Shorts for Women

Who doesn't love a comfortable and stylish pair of swimming shorts? Learn all you need to know about women's swim shorts today to help you find a pair - or two!
woman in a sun protective swim shirt and swim shorts

Whether you're taking a fall vacation, love swimming year round, or looking for shorts you can rely on for your swimming aerobic classes, swim shorts are a must-have. 

All of our swim shorts for ladies at UV Skinz are a solid combination of comfort, versatility, and style. And, fortunately for you, each one has a high UPF 50+ rating, so you're protected from the sun year round - even during winter (remember UV rays can still penetrate through clouds).

Read on to learn all about the best swimming shorts for women, what makes them such a win for this activity, and what to know before purchasing a pair. 

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Pair of Swim Shorts

The type of ladies swim shorts you'd like to purchase depends on a variety of factors such as the activity you will be doing, your comfort level around modesty, and the style you're going for as well. 

Here are some great questions to consider before shopping for a pair of swim shorts: 

  • What activities do I like to do? 
  • How modest would I like my swim shorts to be? 
  • Would I also like to wear these around town?
  • Do these swimming shorts come in plus sizes?
  • What material are these swim shorts made out of? 
  • Are these swim shorts comfortable? 
  • Do these swim shorts offer sun protection and a high UPF rating?

Best Modest Swim Shorts 

Pros: If you want more coverage and dislike pulling your shorts down, these swimming shorts are a dream come true. Breathable, comfortable, and adjustable (the classic swim jammerz) you can wear these in and out of the water. Did we also mention these are rated UPF 50+ as well for best-in-class sun protection?

These swim shorts for women are modest, come in plus sizes up to 4XL, and can be paired with a matching swim shirt or swim bra too. And if you want even more modesty, we also have swim capris!

Cons: The capris are meant more for beach days and not longer swims, but you can still swim in them. If you're an avid swimmer, we'd suggest a more active short like the women's active swim jammerz or the women's active swim capris

Best Board Shorts

Pros: With a flattering waistband, UPF 50+ rating, and comfortable, breathable fabric, our collection of board shorts are perfect for your favorite water activites. You can choose if you'd like longer board shorts or mid-length board shorts too. Available in sizes XS to 4XL, these board shorts for women are a bestseller. 

Cons: Active swimmers should opt for an active swim short as board shorts are generally more for water activites. However, if you love to lounge in the water or emjoy the waves at the beach, these are a perfect choice!

Best Active Swim Shorts

Pros: Designed for optimum performance, these UPF active swim shorts for women are perfect for swimming. Fully lined to increase comfort and modesty, you can wear these on long swims, while doing laps in the pool, or during your morning ocean swim. Available in sizes XS to 4XL, find your favorite print and pair it with a bathing suit for the ultimate swimming look. 

Our active sport capris are the perfect option for additional coverage and add a little pop of color over a neutral or black bathing suit.

Cons: If you're looking for more coverage, the active shorts might not be your choice. Try our active swim jammerz or sport capris instead. 

Feel free to browse our collection of women's swim bottoms for more inspiration today.