Feats Over Faults: An Interview with Seth and Rhonda

Our UV Skinz family is very excited to introduce you to Feats Over Faults! Let’s learn more about why it was created and how it is going to impact the way young adults live a sun-safe life, starting with Seth!
Feats Over Faults: An Interview with Seth and Rhonda

plural noun: feats
an achievement that requires great courage, skill, or strength.

For the last 12 years UV Skinz, founded by Rhonda Sparks, has provided affordable sun protective clothing that families trust.

Now a new generation of UV protective clothing is coming to the market. Feats Over Faults, created by Rhonda’s son, Seth Farwell, is a UPF 50+ clothing line made for active young adults who love the outdoors.

Seth and Rhonda have been working together not just as mother and son but as partners throughout this whole process. His line of sun protective clothing was inspired by his mother’s commitment to spread skin cancer and melanoma awareness.

Our UV Skinz family is very excited to introduce you to Feats Over Faults! Let’s learn more about why it was created and how it is going to impact the way young adults live a sun-safe life, starting with Seth!

Interview with Feats Over Faults Founder Seth

Rhonda and Seth

Seth, How Did You Come up with the Name of Your Brand, Feats Over Faults?

Feats Over Faults, represents highlighting, celebrating and promoting life’s positive moments and accomplishments instead of focusing on its negative aspects.

The name can also be seen as feats (accomplishments) greater than or above faults (unattractive or unsatisfactory features).

When You Were Creating Your Design Ideas, What Were You Hoping to Achieve?

The products are designed to be a blend between function and fashion, one might call them “high performance street wear”.

My goal was to design products that were just as suited to be worn hiking on a trail or camping in the mountains as they would be hitting the streets, relaxing on the beach, or just socializing with friends.

The material of the products was designed to be ultra-soft and breathable while still providing complete protection from the sun, bugs and potentially harmful plants. The designs of the products themselves are modern and congruent to current trends yet are still functional enough for most treks or climbs.

Why Is Sun Protection Important for Young Adults?

I think sun protection is important for young adults because, although most young adults spend large amounts of time outside under the sun, very few ever consider the dangers that the sun can cause.

I have witnessed numerous peers laugh about sunburns and act like they mean nothing simply because they do not understand how significant even minor sunburns can be.

A lack of knowledge has led to a lack of regard and I believe young adults need to be informed of how harmful the sun can be so that they can act accordingly.

What Do You Want Your Generation to Know About Skin Cancer and Melanoma?

That melanoma is possible and that it has the potential to be deadly. Many people around my age don’t seem to believe that the sun can pose any sort of threat to their health and they spend hours under its rays without protection or cover.

Although I love being outdoors and enjoying the beautiful experiences this planet has to offer as much as most, I think it is important to be thoroughly aware of the risks the sun can cause in order to adequately protect yourself.

In What Ways Does Your Mother, Founder of UV Skinz, Inspire You?

My mom inspires me in so many ways that it’s hard to pick just a few, but if I had to I would say that my mom’s perseverance, dedication, and work ethic are what inspire me the most.

I’ve never seen somebody more capable of transforming the world into something they deem more beautiful and fit. Her ability to perceive, address, and conquer problems with simply her strength of will has always left me in awe.

When People See and Hear about Feats Over Faults, What Do You Want Them to Remember?

I want them to remember to cherish life and all of the incredible things it has to offer. When someone sees, wears or hears about a Feats Over Faults product I want them to think about taking care of themselves and protecting the life they have been given, but more importantly, I want them to celebrate being alive.

To decide to look at life through a lens that portrays it in its best light, to put aside and disregard negativity and hate, and get out and truly live.

I think that if more people put focus into this, regardless of Feats Over Faults products being present or not, the world would be a much more accepting, peaceful, and beautiful place.

Interview with Rhonda on Feats Over Faults

Since Rhonda has the expertise in the sun protective clothing industry and is Seth’s mother we wanted to hear her thoughts on Feats Over Faults as well.

Rhonda, What Did You Think of Seth’s Idea for Feats Over Faults?

When Seth first approached me about his idea of creating a UPF 50+ sun protection collection for active outdoor young adults, I pushed the thought aside as I know how hard it is to market to this “invincible” age group.

But he kept sharing his ideas and presented me with sketches of his styles, and I started to think he may be on to something.

Sure, there is more ‘skin exposure’ in some of his pieces but at the same time, it’s more coverage than most young adults his age are wearing. So, I started thinking of the collection as a subtle way to get the message across about the importance of sun protection and taking care of your skin but remaining trendy and fashionable at the same time.

I mean, the number one goal is to actually GET people to wear the products, and the only way they will do this is if they find them appealing and trendy.

I was also really honored to think he wanted to continue his late father’s message about ‘taking care of yourself’! And celebrating the ‘wins’ in life’. Darren was a big advocate for never taking anything in life for granted and to LIVE each day as each day is a gift. Seth personifies this message and is passionate about sharing it with the world. It was easy for me to get behind that.

What Are Some Tips You Shared with Seth While He Created his UV-Protective Brand, Feats Over Faults?

I’ve loved working with Seth and seeing his creative juices flow. He is new to the world of business and comes at things with ‘fresh eyes’.

One of the most important business tips I’m hoping to have left with Seth is that true success happens when EVERYONE wins. Creating a ‘win-win’ atmosphere for everyone from our customers, team members and vendors is a true sign of success.

In What Ways Does Seth Inspire You?

I have really enjoyed watching Seth grow up and navigate his way through life to become the young man he is today. He has shown such strength of character, integrity, consistency, common sense, and intelligence.

He is one of the smartest people I know! I’ve also been inspired watching how he takes charge of his life and carves out a path for himself and goes after what he wants. He is super creative and conscious of his surroundings and has a gift of making sure everyone feels included and taken care of well. He is an amazing, solid young man that I am beyond proud to call my son.

We hope you have learned more about Feats Over Faults and thank you to Seth and Rhonda for sharing their experience in creating Feats Over Faults. The ambition and drive to help other people live their best sun-safe life is really awesome! The whole UV Skinz team is so proud. You can visit our website at www.uvskinz.com to shop Feats Over Faults and more!

“The only limits in life are the ones that you make. Be remembered for your feats, not your faults.” -Seth Farewell