UV Skinz Guide To UV Swimwear For All Bodies And Budgets

The fear of exposing sensitive skin to harmful UV rays can put a damper on any trip. That’s why making use of UV swimwear is both practical and convenient. While swimming does require some skin exposure, making use of UV swimwear can help reduce the exposed area. This is important because it reduces the risk of irritation and skin cancer. 

For those with more sensitive skin, making use of long sleeve swimming fleeces and swimsuits is beneficial. While making use of sunscreen significantly lowers the risk of UV rays harming your skin, UV swimwear can provide an extra layer of protection.

Why Opt For UV Swimwear?

According to Cancer Facts and Figures 2022, the last decade (2012-2022) saw a 30% increase in the number of invasive melanoma cases annually! While this is no reason to panic, making sure that you take adequate measures to prevent this risk is worth the effort. UV swimwear and clothing offer customers adequate UV protection, protecting them from 98% of the harmful sunlight. 

That said, there are several different body types, so finding stylish options that work with your budget is challenging. To make things easier, this article covers everything you need to know about UV swimwear that works for a range of types and various budgets.

How to Pick The Best UV Swimwear

Picking UV swimwear can seem challenging, but there are several options available. Besides considering your budget and personal preference, we’ll cover some other aspects worth keeping in mind.


While subjective, the cut and overall design of your swimwear are fundamental in determining your overall level of comfort and confidence. For those more self-conscious, opting for long-sleeved or more UV swimwear options like swim tights makes for a more comfortable experience.

That said, if you’re looking for something more flattering, swim bras, swim tanks, and swim shorts are more viable options.


Keeping in mind the climate where you typically swim or plan on swimming is important. For those who live in colder climates, long-sleeved swim fleeces and swim tights provide additional insulation when on land. 

That said, loose-fitting swimwear can allow water to stream in making you feel uncomfortable in colder climates. When it comes to staying warm, tight waterproof swimwear is more effective. In warmer climates, however, swimming is more comfortable regardless of swimwear.

Color and Fabric

In terms of color for UV swimwear or any UPF clothing, darker colors do a better job of absorbing harmful UV rays. Besides this, tightly woven fabric provides better UV protection. Generally speaking, the less light you can see through the fabric, the better protection it provides. 

However, the more the fabric is stretched, the lower the UPF protection it provides. What does this mean for you? Well, considering the UPF, wearing a UPF swimdress when you’re out of the water can prove beneficial for overall UV protection.


When it comes to budget, swimsuits that are priced anywhere from $50-$60 are considered a budget option. That said when it comes to durable swimwear that lasts and also has UV protection, options that are under $100 offer considerable value in terms of price.

When going on vacation, people typically consider the cheapest option, but making sure that your skin gets adequate protection can prevent you from uncomfortable sunburn and various skin irritations or conditions that occur due to prolonged UV exposure.

6 Different Types of UV Swimwear for Women

1. Long Sleeved Swimsuits

Long-sleeved swimsuits offer additional protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Also, since most women wear t-shirts, blouses, and dresses that can be sleeveless, this swimwear option prevents unfortunate sunburns.

When it comes to UV swimwear that is both stylish and comfortable, long-sleeve options like the Women's Long Sleeve Swimsuit - Half Zip are an excellent choice. With quick drying and easy management, swimsuits like these typically require you to give them a wash in the washing machine. Besides being both chlorine and saltwater resistant, this particular swimsuit is UPF 50+, meaning it provides excellent UV protection.

2. Long Sleeved Water Jackets:

Unlike long-sleeved swimsuits, long sleeved water jackets and hoodies offer swimmers and those on vacation a more versatile swimwear option. Giving customers an option to alternate between shorts or even swim tights, long sleeve water jackets are ideal for places with colder temperatures.

Making use of options like a Women's Hooded Water Jacket and a Women's Long Sleeve Full Zip Active Fleece are both effective for UV protection but stylish as well. Available in sizes XS - 3XL, these swimwear options are suitable for different body types.

3. Swim Tights

For women looking for a conservative option that is still form-fitting, making use of swim tights is an excellent choice. They are versatile to use with a variety of swim tops, swim tights offer both comfort and UV protection not provided by traditional swimsuits.

For an option suitable for all body types, the Women's Active Sport Swim Tights from UV Skinz come in sizes XS to 4XL, making them both a flattering and versatile option. Swim tights are an excellent choice for beach yoga or morning jogs on the beach that keeps you both comfortable and adequately covered.

4. Short Swim Bottoms

For more temperate climates or those looking to have a fun day at the beach or pool, making use of swim bottoms are perfect. While swim tights offer adequate protection from the sun, making use of swim shorts is both liberating and aesthetically appealing.

For this options like Women's Active Swim Jammerz and Women's Active Swim Shorts are suitable. If you have concerns about sun exposure, making use of sunscreen, and swim dresses or cover-ups are viable solutions.

5. Swim Dresses and Cover-ups

If you value your style and don’t want to compromise on how flattering swimwear looks, making use of swim dresses and cover-ups works well. Whether it’s to accommodate your branded swimwear or a new daring swimsuit you're dying to try out, making use of coverups can offer you reasonable protection.

In the pool, beach, or lake you can make use of whatever swimsuit you want, and in your time outside the water making use of a swim dress or coverup provides you significant UV protection, minimizing chances of sunburn or skin diseases.

6. Tanks and Swim Bras

If getting some sun exposure is not a huge deal, making use of tanks and swim bras is a better fitting for your travel wardrobe. Whether it’s for the pool or a trip that requires swimming, these options provide a reasonable level of UV Protection.

With UV Skins making use of options like the Women's Racerback Swim Tank and Women's Swim Bra is form-flattering and gives you a summer wardrobe you feel confident in.

That said, to compensate for your amount of skin exposure, making use of options like swim dresses and cover-ups helps offer additional UV protection.


With the ever-looming fear of skin conditions and sunburn, picking the best UV swimwear is a priority. That said when it comes to picking swimwear that flatters your body type is challenging. There are different body forms, and there is no shame in how anyone looks, so it’s best to find the option that suits your needs and preferences.

This article went a step further to list the best UV swimwear for all body types. While overall comfort, fit, and style are crucial, keeping in mind climate and exposure to the sun is equally important. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by UV swimwear?

UV swimwear refers to swimwear that comes with Ultraviolet Protection, this is typically done through the use of fabric or material that has a UPF(Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 30 to 50. 

What are some UV swimwear options for plus-sized women?

With UV Skinz, most of our swimwear comes in sizes up to 4XL making most options an excellent choice for all women. That said, for more conservative women, options like our long sleeve swimsuits are suitable.

What are the best conservative UV swimwear options for women?

Some conservative UV swimwear options on this list include the Women's Hooded Water Jacket and the Women's Active Sport Swim Tights. Besides this, a long sleeve swimsuit is also a great option.