UV Skinz's Guide To UV Swimwear For All Bodies And Budgets

UV swimwear protects your skin from UV rays that can cause sunburns, sun damage, and skin cancer. Learn all about how to find the best UV swimsuits for your body type and budget on the UV Skinz blog today.
woman in UV Skinz's UV swimsuit at the pool

UV swimwear makes it easy to keep yourself protected from the sun's harsh UVA and UVB rays while outdoors. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recognizes sun protective swimwear as the most effective form of sun protection.

According to Cancer Facts and Figures 2022, the last decade (2012-2022) saw a 30% increase in the number of invasive melanoma cases annually! UV swimwear and clothing is the best prevention method you have for keeping your skin safe from the sun's harmful rays. 

So, how do you find the best UV swimwear for any budget and any size? Today, UV Skinz shares the ultimate guide to UV swimwear for all bodies and budgets to help you out. 

How to Pick The Best UV Swimwear for Your Body Type

Picking UV swimwear can seem challenging, but we're here to help. Remember to keep the following factors into consideration when choosing UPF swimwear:


Choose a UV swimsuit with a cut and design that makes you feel comfortable. If you prefer a more modest swimsuit, try women's swim tights or women's long swim shorts. For men, try men's long board shorts

Also, make sure that the UV swimwear company you choose is size-inclusive, so that they offer plus-sizes as well. At UV Skinz's we offer UV swimwear and UPF clothing is sizes XS to 4XL to accomodate bodies of all sizes.


Keep the climate where you live or are planning or visiting in mind when choosing UPF swimwear. If you live somewhere where it can get cold later during the day, long-sleeved swim fleeces and swim tights will keep you warm in the evening. 

That said, loose-fitting swimwear can allow water to stream in making you feel uncomfortable in colder climates. When it comes to staying warm, tight waterproof swimwear is more effective. 

Color and Fabric

In terms of color for UV swimwear or any UPF swimwear/clothing, darker colors do a better job of absorbing harmful UV rays. Additionally, tightly woven fabric provides better UV protection. Generally speaking, the less light you can see through the fabric, the better protection it provides. 

However, the more the fabric is stretched, the lower the UPF protection it provides. Take into consideration the UPF rating of your swimwear, and opt for a UPF 50+ rating, which is the best UPF rating you can find


When it comes to budget, UV swimsuits that are priced anywhere from $50-$60 are considered a budget option. That said when it comes to durable swimwear that lasts and also has UV protection, options that are under $100 offer considerable value in terms of price.

When going on vacation, people typically consider the cheapest option, but making sure that your skin gets adequate protection can prevent you from uncomfortable sunburn and skin cancer due to prolonged UV exposure.

If you're on a budget and need UPF swimwear, try keeping an eye on UV Skinz's UV swimwear on sale or subscribing to our email list to keep up with our daily offers. 

Where to Find the Best UV Swimwear

You can find the best UV swimwear that covers all the factors discussed above at UV Skinz. Find budget-friendly UV swimwear on sale, shop plus-size UPF swimwear in up to a size 4XL, and even get your modest UPF swimwear here too.

There's UV swimwear for the whole family at UV Skinz.