Introducing Active Fleece

Even Chilly Days Have UV Rays

We are excited to present our brand-new Active Fleece Collection, a line of cool weather sun protective clothing. With options for Women, Men, and Kid’s, these will be sure to keep you and your family warm during your off-season adventures.

In this collection we go beyond our typical swimwear products and create products to help keep our customers covered and warm during the months where the sun is not at its highest, but still producing harmful UV rays.

The Long Sleeve Full Zip Fleece has a smooth and sleek exterior with a plush interior to keep you warm and cozy for any outdoor adventure. Our Active Fleece Hat is a great addition to any runner’s wardrobe with its unique flaps to help regulate body temperature and keep the wind chill off your neck and ears.

With the origin of UV Skinz being from the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains we drew inspiration from the activities that we do during our off season, such as outdoor adventuring in the snow, camping around a fire, snow sports and even early morning running when temperatures that can drop to below freezing.

Kid's Swim Fleece

Kid's Long Sleeve Full Zip Active Fleece
Kid's Active Fleece Hat

Women's Fleece, Hat

Women's Long Sleeve Full Zip Active Fleece
Women's Active Ponytail Fleece Hat

Men's Swim Fleece & Cap

Men's Long Sleeve Full Zip Active Fleece
Men's Active Fleece Hat

Now, get your Active Fleece and have just as much sun-safe fun in the winter as you do the summer!

Women's Swim Cap & Fleece

Girl's Swim Fleece

Men's Swim Fleece Hat