Public Sunscreen Dispensers?

You are running out of excuses for not using sunscreen. The “I forgot sunscreen” excuse may no longer be valid.

Thanks to IMPACT Melanoma, public sunscreen dispensers are popping up all over the country. Through their Practice Safe Skin” program, they’ve shipped over 4,000 dispensers.

A national non-profit organization based out of Massachusetts, IMPACT Melanoma works to reduce the incidence of melanoma through education, prevention, & support.

Available on IMPACT Melanoma’s website, the dispensers are weather-resistant and low maintenance. The dispenser holds a 1-liter bag of sunscreen, also available on the website, good for 300-500 applications. 

For organizations looking to offset the cost of dispensers and sunscreen, space on each dispenser can be sold for advertising.

Dispensers cost $70.00 a unit. Pole mounting units are an additional $100.00. Bags of SPF 30 sunscreen are $180.00 for a case of 4.

This is a great opportunity for local governments and businesses to promote sun safety by installing sunscreen dispensers wherever people spend time outdoors.

BONUS: Boston’s use of these sunscreen dispensers made it onto an episode of The Simpsons.