Stylish Crushable Hats for Women (with UPF!)

Crushable hats are every woman's dream, keeping their shape even after being stored or put in a suitcase or travel bag. Discover the top stylish, sun protective crushable hats on our blog today.
woman with a crushable hat on

Crushable hats, or hats that are a bit more durable and flexible, are a fashion must-have for any woman who travels, enjoys being outside, or is constantly on the go. As a sun accessory, crushable hats help you stay protected from the sun's UV rays, keeping your skin looking younger and preventing premature aging. 

Learn all about what to look for when choosing to buy a crushable hat as well as various suggested styles you have to check out on our blog. 

What's the Difference Between a Crushable and Non-Crushable Hat?

Why do crushable hats matter? Crushable hats are often more durable, flexible, and easier to travel with thanks to their ability to fold and "be crushed". If you're going on vacation, a road trip, or don't have a space to store your hats, a crushable hat is the move. 

A non-crushable hat is a hat with a specific shape that needs to be stored in a way that allows it to maintain its form. It doesn't crush, so it's not the best hat to take on vacation as storing it in a suitcase could ruin its shape. 

How Do You Know if a Hat Is Crushable?

You can tell if a hat is crushable based on its shape. You can also feel it and get a general sense if it would be able to be crushed or not. Generally any hat that's made out of leather isn't crushable and has a specific shape. Hats made out of natural premium wool, straw, and cotton are usually foldable.

If you're still unsure, check out our collection of crushable hats for women below!

What to Look for When Choosing a Crushable Hat?

Keep the following features in mind when choosing a crushable hat: 

  • Wide-brim (this protects your face from the sun)
  • UPF rating (keeps your skin safe from UV rays)
  • Fit
  • Price
  • Versatility 
  • Comfort
  • Fabric (wool hats will keep your head hotter)

Best Crushable Hats (with UPF!) for the Stylish Woman

If protecting your skin from the sun is something you prioritize, (and we highly recommend that you do) check out our favorite crushable hats for the stylish lady. Whether you're traveling to a tropical destination, packing for a staycation, or looking for a sun hat that can hold up with your active lifestyle, these UPF sun hats are fantastic options. 

Best Crushable Wide-Brim Sun Hats for Women 

Wide-brim sun hats protect more of your face from the sun, including your ears and neck as well. Stylish with a UPF 50+ rating, these sun hats are perfect for your next vacation, sailing excursion, or beach day with loved ones. 

Best Crushable Fashionable Sun Hats for Women 

Finding fashionable crushable hats that look good, feel good, and protect your skin from the sun can be so hard! Fortuantely, these sun hats offer all three benefits - and look oh so cute on!

Best Active Crushable Sun Hats for Women


For the active woman on the go, these crushable sun hats offer best in class sun protection and moisture wicking properties to keep you cool no matter what you're doing.

Be sure to check out our complete selection of women's sun hats here at UV Skinz.