5 Tips for a Sun Protection Strategy That Sticks

Adding sun protection into your daily routine is similar to forming any other habit: It takes some strategizing. Habits are hard to form and sustain, and you’re not alone if you have trouble sticking to them.

By understanding the principles of habit formation, you can set up your sun protection routine for success.

Habits are better maintained when they are:

  • Easy
  • Obvious
  • Attractive
  • Satisfying

Read on to learn a head-to-toe sun protection routine that works with your psychology, not against it.

1. Use sunscreen as self-care

We’ve come a long way with sunscreen technology. The days of thick, oily sunscreen are mostly behind us. It's possible to make sunscreen application a satisfying part of your morning routine.

Reach for a sunscreen that works for your skin type, and make it part of your daily self-care. If you wear makeup, try opting for an oil-free or clear sunscreen. If you have dry skin, search for a sunblock that has moisturizing benefits along with SPF.

2. Take care of your hair

UV rays also cause damage to hair. Discoloration, brittleness, split ends, and frizziness are all possibilities with prolonged sun exposure. Hair protection might not be a natural part of your daily routine, but you can make it easy by “stacking” hair protection onto one of your already-established daily hair care steps. Brush your hair every morning? Immediately before or afterwards, use a hair protectant mist, or apply sunscreen powder to your scalp.

3. Prepare UV protective clothing

With a little planning, using UV protective clothing becomes a more obvious choice. By preparing UV protective clothing the day before, it’ll be a no-brainer when getting dressed and heading out for the day. If you plan on using protective shirts or pants, lay them out ahead of time in the area you normally get dressed. Using a hat and sunglasses will help shield your hair, scalp, face, and eyes from sun damage. Have a home for them in your car so they’ll be visible and easy to grab when you arrive at your destination.

4. Stage your reapplication strategy

After being out in the sun for a few hours, reapplying is just as important as the original sunscreen application. Stage your reapplication strategy to make it easy. If you’ll be driving around the time that you’ll need to reapply, have your sunscreen in an easy-to-reach area of the car. If hiking, have sunscreen stored in an accessible pocket of your bag or backpack. There are also lightweight powder sunscreens that are designed to be re-applied over cosmetics, so you never have to sacrifice your makeup look to be sun safe.

5. Don’t forget your inner skincare

Did you know that having a diet of anti-oxidant-rich foods can protect you from sun damage and photoaging from the inside out? It’s not a replacement for outer sun protection, but it can be used to supplement your sun protection routine. Incorporating fruits and vegetables in an attractive way makes inner skincare a habit you’ll be more likely to maintain. Taking time to cook nourishing meals, eat a colorful salad, or grab a nutritious smoothie bowl make having a balanced diet more appealing to keep up.

Consider what small habit is the next most important step to take in protecting yourself from sun damage. UV Skinz offers a variety of products to help your sun protection routine be more obvious, easy, attractive, and satisfying to make for a habit that sticks.