6 Best Hats to Protect Your Face from the Sun

Summertime is the perfect season for outdoor adventures, but keep in mind that it's also when the UV index is at its highest. It’s important to protect yourself from the sun with a sun hat to prevent sunburns, skin damage, premature aging, and also, skin cancer. 

Whether you're heading to the beach, the park, or just taking a stroll around the block, sun hats can help shield your face from harmful UV rays. That’s why we’ve rounded up six of the best hats to keep your skin safe when you’re outdoors. Every activity has an option, from wide-brimmed styles for those who love to lounge under the sun to sporty visors for our active friends out there. 

6 Types of Summer Hats to Protect Your Face from UV Rays

Sure, there are many sun hat styles, but an essential factor to consider when searching for the best hat to protect your face from the sun is how it’s made. Not all hats are created equal. The best sun hats are made with the highest and best UPF rating, UPF 50+ sun protection to block over 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Here are six sun hat styles that you should consider putting on before heading outside. 

1. Bucket Hat

A bucket hat is a summer staple because it’s lightweight and provides 360-degree sun protection, thanks to its wide brim. Our reversible Men's Bucket Hat is the best men’s hat for sun protection thanks to its UPF 50+ rating and wide brim for 360-degree coverage from the sun. We love this men's bucket hat for summer and any time you spend a lot of time outdoors. 

The 3-inch brim offers ample neck, ears, and face coverage. With fun designs and an adjustable strap, your kids can also enjoy keeping their eyes shielded from the sun too as we have bucket hats for babies and kids. 

2. Active Fleece Hat

A summer fleece hat is perfect for those who enjoy outdoor adventures during cool summer mornings or evenings. The fleece material and fitted design keep your head and ears warm as temperatures cool, while the visor helps keep the sun out of your eyes. Get an active fleece hat for women, men, or your kids today!

3. Ruched Sun Cap

The ruched sun cap stands out amongst other women's sun hats due to its superior functionality and attractive design. The ruched detailing on the crown of the hat adds a fun style. Plus, it comes in five stylish colors to match your favorite summer wear. The elastic headband offers the perfect fit, while the 3-inch brim and sun-protective UPF 50+ material keep your eyes and face safe, making it one of the best women’s sun protection hats.

4. Adventure Hats

Whether you’re going on a hike in the mountains or spending a day at the lake with the kids, adventure hats provide all-day comfort. What makes an adventure hat the best hat to protect your face from the sun during adventures? It is certified UPF 50+ and offers an extra-wide brim and adjustable strap to keep the hat securely on your head. It also has a neck flap to keep those pesky neck sunburns at bay!

Our adventure hats at UV Skinz will have you wanting to plan your next adventure outdoors.

5. Wide Brim Sun Hats

The wider the brim, the more sun protection your hat provides. We consider the Men's Wide Brim Field Hat the best men’s hat for sun protection because the 3 1/4-inch brim is designed to keep your neck, ears, and face covered and protected from the sun’s harsh rays.

We consider the best women’s sun protection hats with a wide brim to be our Women's Rolled Brim Hat and the Women's Wide Brim Sun Hat. All of these sun hats, like everything we sell, are certified UPF 50+.

6. Fashion Hats for Summer

Protecting your face from the sun in the summer doesn’t mean you have to compromise style. There are fashionable and protective sun hats available for everyone!

Our Outback Hat for men is a modern fedora sun hat that’s the perfect complement to any outfit, whether dressy or casual. If that’s not your style, be sure to check out our other men’s sun hats. For women, our Victoria Two Tone Hat is one of the best women’s sun protection hats with pops of color and a ribbon band for added style.

Find The Best Sun Protection Hats for Every Occasion at UV Skinz®

With the sun shining and temperatures rising, now is the time to find the perfect sun hat to protect your face from those harmful UV rays. Fortunately, finding the best hat to protect your face from the sun is easy at UV Skinz. So shop today and find your new favorite sun hats for the whole family!