Best UPF Clothing for Babies: 5 Must Have Items

Keep the little ones you love in your life looking cute while safely protected from the sun's harsh UV rays with UV Skinz. Check out our must-have baby sun-protective attire today!
babies in UPF clothing

Baby UPF clothing shields your little ones against the sun's harmful rays, ensuring they stay safe during any and all outdoor adventures under the sun. These garments provide a reliable barrier from UVA and UVB rays, minimizing exposure to UV radiation that could potentially harm your baby's delicate skin.

Whether it's an adorable sun hat with a wide brim to shield your baby's tiny face or a cute and stylish onesies or swimsuit, baby UPF clothing prioritizes both comfort and UV protection.

Parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing their babies can explore and play under the sun while staying safeguarded from harmful UV rays. Learn about the top 5 must-have baby UPF clothing courtesy of us here at UV Skinz today.

5 Must-Have Baby UPF Items

1. Baby Sun Hat

Baby UPF 50+ sun hats are incredibly important for several reasons. As babies have delicate and sensitive skin that is more susceptible to sunburns and long-term damage from UV rays, sun hats are helpful.

Sun hats with UPF protection provide an extra layer of defense against harmful UV radiation, reducing the risk of sunburns and other skin issues later in life. Additionally, often sun hats often have a wider brim that offers better coverage, shielding not just your baby's face but also your baby's neck and ears, which are commonly overlooked areas.


2. Baby Sun Blanket

Baby sun blankets are an indispensable sun accessory that ensure that your little one is safe and comfortable. These blankets are crafted from specialized fabrics with high UPF ratings, offering reliable protection against harmful UV rays. Beyond shielding delicate skin from sunburn, they provide a versatile layer of defense from UV rays during outdoor adventures. 

3. Baby Sun Onesie 

Designed with comfort in mind, baby onesies are lightweight, breathable, and often come with features like snap closures for easy changing and diaper access. Baby sun onesies are not just practical; they're also adorable, and available in a variety of colors and patterns! This makes them a stylish choice for outdoor adventures, like beach days, while ensuring that parents can relax knowing their baby is well-protected from the sun.

4. Baby Rash Guard

Baby rash guards offer sun protection as well as comfort while your little one is out playing in the water. Made out of thicker, more resistant fabric, you don't have to worry about your baby scraping a knee or rolling around on the sand in a rash guard. 

5. Baby Swim Leggings

Baby swim leggings really are the best. Forget trying to rub sunscreen in all over your baby's legs and opt for sun-protective leggings instead. Comfortable, versatile, and easy to take on and off, these are a parents dream come true.