6 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a UV Face Shield

Learn all about the importance of a UV face/neck shield when it comes to UV protection as well as the 6 factors to take into consideration before buying one on the UV Skinz blog today.
Woman wearing a white UV face shield

Do you know it's important to shield your skin from UV rays to prevent sunburns, skin damage, premature aging, and skin cancer? 

Choosing clothing and swimwear with sun protection will help you take care of your skin and ensure you're safe from the sun whenever you're out enjoying all your favorite outdoor activities. Just be sure to look for the UPF 50+ rating, the highest and best rating for sun protection for fabric. And remember that yes, you can still get sunburned when it's cloudy outside!

According to the National Institutes of Health, your neck and shoulders and then your face and head are the most common places to get sunburned. To keep those areas of your body sun-safe, it's best to invest in a UV face/neck shield also known as a UPF face/neck covering. 

Today, we go over what a UV face/neck shield is and the 6 factors you should consider before purchasing one. 

What Is a UV Face/Neck Shield?

A UV face/neck shield is an article of clothing that protects your face and neck from the sun's UV rays. It's a sun-protective accessory that you can take with you to the golf course, beach, pool, or while traveling to ensure you don't expose your face to UVA and UVB rays. 


What Are the Benefits of Wearing a UV Face/Neck Shield?

benefits of UV face/neck shields


Here are the benefits of UV face/neck shields: 

  • Helps you block UV rays effectively and protects your skin from sunburns and sun damage. 
  • Prevents wrinkles and premature skin aging.
  • Acts as a great substitute if you're allergic to sunscreen or prefer not to wear sunscreen. 

6 Essential Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a UV Face/Neck Shield

So, now that you know all about the benefits of a UV face/neck shield, what should you look for when wanting to purchase one? Here are the 6 essential factors you should take into consideration when choosing a UV face/neck shield: 

1. UPF Rating

While choosing a UV face shield fabric, you should check the UPF rating. UPF is short for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and determines the quality of a fabric that blocks UV radiation. 

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation’s recommendation, an article of clothing should have a rating of UPF 50+ to offer excellent coverage and protection from the sun. 

2. Coverage 

Before choosing your UV face/neck shield, you should also make sure that it completely protects your entire neck and face. 

The UPF face/neck shield should be comfortable and cover your entire neck and face, even when you're active! 

3. Fabric

Look for a UV face/neck shield that is made with lightweight and breathable fabric, so it's easy and comfortable to wear when it's sunny outside.

Buttery soft fabric like bamboo viscose feels soft to the touch and (if this fabric has a high UPF rating) protects you from the sun's harmful rays. 

4. Durability

If you plan on using your UV face/neck shield every day, you must check its durability. Many UV face shields in the market are comfortable to wear but have poor durability. You should choose the UV face shields after checking how many washing cycles they can endure. 

Ideally, a UV face shield fabric should endure at least 20 washing cycles. The fabric should also be reusable and resistant to disinfectants. Generally, the polycarbonates in the fabrics should not make them break down easily. 

5. Design 

You can wear stretchy UPF face/neck shield fabrics in a variety of different ways if they are designed that way. 

At UV Skinz, you can wear our UV face shields and neck gaiters over your nose, on your neck, over your head, or as a headband to protect your scalp from the sun. A versatile design is a great factor to consider when purchasing a UV face/neck shield. 

6. Anti-Bacterial Properties

Look for a face/neck shield with anti-bacterial properties so you can wear it outdoors and not have to worry about it getting wet from saltwater, chlorine water, or sweat.

Bamboo viscose has antibacterial properties which resist the growth of bacteria and keep you and your UPF face shield smelling fresh. 

Frequently Asked Questions About UV Face Shields

1. Do UV Face Shields Block the Sun's Rays?

UV face shields with UPF 50+ block 98% of the sun's rays, keeping you safe from UVA and UVB sun damage. 

2. Are There Cute UV Face Shields for Women?

Yes, UV Skinz makes cute UV face shields for women in a variety of fun and colorful fabrics, like aqua, orchid, bubblegum pink, and light blue. 

3. Do UV Face Shields Have Antibacterial Properties?

Yes, a UV face shield with anti-bacterial fabric such as Bamboo Viscose has antibacterial properties. All of our UV face shields here at UV Skinz are made from this type of fabric. 

Shop our collection of men's and women's UV face shields online today to stay sun-safe wherever life's adventures take you.