FAQs About Kid's UPF Swimwear

Read answers to frequently asked questions about kid's UPF swimwear on the UV Skinz blog.
FAQs About Kid's UPF Swimwear

If you have kids, we know they love playing in the sun - especially at the beach! It's important to remember to protect their delicate skin though as UVA and UVB rays can harm them and contribute to skin cancer later on in life. UPF swimwear is a great way to protect your kids' skin and keep them looking cute and comfy at the beach in the water or on the sand. 

FAQs About UPF Swimwear for Kids

Read on to learn all about UPF swimwear for kids, including what you need to know and recommended sun-protective swimwear your little ones will love!

What Is UPF and Why Is it Important for Kids' Swimwear?

UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor indicates how much UV radiation (both UVA and UVB) a fabric allows to reach your skin. As kids' skin is more sensitive to sunlight, it's important to protect them. Since sunscreen can come off and needs to be reapplied, UPF swimwear offers additional sun protection for your little ones. 

How Does UPF Swimwear Differ from Regular Swimwear?

UPF swimwear is designed specifically not to allow a percentage of UV light to penetrate the skin. UPF 50+ swimwear blocks over 98% of the sun's UV rays from reaching the skin. Regular swimwear doesn't have this capability and have a UPF rating of around 5.

What UPF Rating Should You Look for in Kid's Swimwear?

UPF 50+ is the best UPF rating for kid's swimwear. 

Are UPF Swimwear Styles Fashionable for Kids?

Just because swimwear is sun-safe doesn't mean it's also not stylish. There's plenty of cute and stylish kid's UPF swimwear available, including matching swimsuits and sun hats. 

Can Kids Wear UPF Swimwear in the Pool?

Yes, kids can wear UPF swimwear in the pool. Opt for sun-protective swimwear that's saltwater and chlorine-resistant. 

How Should You Care for Kid's UPF Swimwear?

Make sure to hand wash your UPF swimwear with mild detergent. Follow these additional tips to ensure its longevity. 



Is UPF Swimwear Enough, or Should You Still Use Sunscreen?

When it comes to sun protection, use a multi-layered approach. We recommend putting sunscreen on children over 6 months old on exposed areas and dressing them in UPF 50+ swimwear. 

Cute Kids' UPF Swimwear Ideas