5 Ways to Stay Active and Healthy in Isolation

The gym may be closed but that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise and stay healthy! Here are 5 ways to get going and stay active while in isolation.

Kick Start Your Day With a Morning Stretch

Waking up and going straight into a workout can often seem daunting. However, adding a morning stretch routine to your schedule is a perfect way to kick start a healthy and active day.

Stretching in the morning gets your body moving and energized for the day. It improves your posture, relieves muscle and joint pain, and helps you get into an active and healthy mindset.

Here are some quick morning stretches that will help you get your day going.

Start each day by stretching

Set Reminders to Get Up and Get Active

Right now the days seem to all be mixing together and it is hard to tell one hour from the next. Setting an alarm or reminder to periodically get up and be active can help break the monotony and add some movement into your day!

Doing a simple exercise (such as an easy bodyweight exercise or a stretch routine) every 20 to 30 minutes can add a significant amount of activity to your day and help improve your health.

Here are some fun bodyweight exercises to help get you moving.

Create a to-do list

Get Exercise by Going on Walks

A simple yet very effective way to stay active and healthy while in isolation is to go on walks around your neighborhood.

Walking regularly has been shown to provide numerous health benefits. Even short walks help you burn calories, strengthen your heart, reduce joint pain, and boost immune system function. Neighborhood walks also allow you to get outside and gain the benefits provided by simply being outdoors.

Walks are a great way to get exercise.

Join a Virtual Yoga Class

Have you always wanted to get into yoga but have never had the time? Or maybe you’re an experienced yogi but your local studio is closed? Either way, virtual yoga is the answer or you!

Numerous studios and individual instructors are now offering virtual yoga programs to help people get active while staying isolated at home. Many of these programs are designed for all levels of athletes and do not require any equipment.

Here is a link to a virtual yoga studio that offers classes on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. The classes are offered almost every day and are designed for all levels of experience.

Take a virtual yoga class

Focus on Eating Healthy

When we think of health and fitness, we often focus on being active and working out. But, exercise (although important) is only one piece of what makes a healthy lifestyle. A much more important aspect of health and fitness is nutrition.

What you eat has a huge impact on your overall health. Unhealthy eating habits have been linked to numerous health risks such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Although poor nutrition is also often credited as the leading cause of obesity, it can also cause health complications in people who are not overweight. This is why eating healthy is a must, no matter how active you are.

Now is the perfect time to focus on improving your nutrition. Eating healthy can be much easier than it may seem. Here are 81 easy to make, healthy, and delicious meals that you and your family are sure to love.

Healthy eating has many benefits

Now is the perfect time to strengthen and enhance your health and fitness. We hope the above tips help!